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UPDATE #6 – ‘The Citadel: Gun-Loving Americans Signing Up to Live in Idaho Fortress Community’


This is the foundation on which the ‘Citadel’ is being built.

Here’s hoping that a couple hundred ‘patriots’ sign up and are ‘approved’ to pay 25% of their 30 year lease price only to find out that the construction ‘season’ is just as long as the grwoing season in Benwah County.

Maybe next year, after they get the actual building permits, some ‘homes will be built.

Or for the ‘real patriots’, they can plant a tent or RV on the ‘Citadel’ land, 20 miles from the nearest town, electricity, running water and 4-6 feet of snow in the Winter.

Hell! Jim Miller says – ” Hell, I spent 179 days living in a tent in a Middle Eastern desert…whatever works to get the job done. Folks have lived in their garages starting businesses, in tents beside their wagons and horses, in caves before that. This is the easy part”.

Now there is an old saying…..’You can wish in one hand a s*it in the other and see which hand is filled first’.

– – – – –
‘Until the 31st of January, 2013, we didn’t even know if we would get the clearances to even BUILD firearms’.

And from the ‘Citadel’ site :
‘How Do You Expect to Fund Such an Endeavor’?

‘The III Arms Company, current facilities located in West Virginia, was founded to act as the economic cornerstone of the Citadel. Forty-plus American Patriots pulled together to get this company off the ground to serve two purposes: To build solid fighting arms to defend Liberty and our fellow Patriots, and to raise revenue to build the Citadel’.

It’s Feb. 14th as I write this. They’ve had their lincenses to build firarms for 2 weeks.

And this is the ‘economic cornerstone’ of the ‘Citadel’?

– – – – –
**Again from the ‘Citadel’ site :
‘Why Do You Think You Will Succeed Where Others Have Failed’?

‘ We have a base economic engine for the Citadel in the form of the III Arms Company that should provide initial financial support’.

Their ‘financial support’ is a compnay that has only been building firearms for 2 weeks.

– – – – –
Agian from the “‘Citadel’ site :
‘Complete this form and submit. You’ll then be provided a payment page with several options for submitting your application/reservation fee. No applications will be considered without the proper fee. Once your fee has been received and your application reviewed by a Citadel Representative, you will be contacted to advance to the next stage of this process’.

**Again from the ‘Citadel’ site :

‘Step Seven: Once you have been approved, you must finalize the details of your custom home, including square footage, lot size, et cetera. You will be required to begin paying 25% of your full lease price 90 days after your application has been approved’.

Once you application has been approved, you get to pay 25 of your 30 year lease price every month……and the best part is? No, permits have not been submitted to those regulatory agencies in that area. Yet.
‘6: Our future plans’?

‘Sometime soon, once the snow melts and the frost line drops a bit, we will start digging on our property in Idaho. No, permits have not been submitted to those regulatory agencies in that area. Yet’.
From :

And the ‘Citadel’ site :



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3 thoughts on “UPDATE #6 – ‘The Citadel: Gun-Loving Americans Signing Up to Live in Idaho Fortress Community’

  1. Funny how this brings so many other historical and fictional places to mind. Guyana. Waco. Lord of the Flies. The Island of Dr. Moreau. The fortress town Woodbury, in “The Walking Dead”. Bartertown, in “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome”. It’s amazing how much engineering can be motivated by paranoia.

    • Love the Bartertown and Woodbuy references.
      My feeling is this is a con using ‘patriotism’ as the key. One of the ‘principals’ just did 2 years for extortion.
      A company that has only been making weapons for 2 weeks as the ‘financial support’ on property that hasn’t even been permited that’s way out in the boonies in Idaho.
      Yeah. Nothing can go wrong there.

  2. Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    I suggest all gun loving NRAssholes move to Mars, or better still, follow Newt The Poot, to his newly forming Moon colony.

    Thanks The Last Of The Millenniums, for this update on NRAssholes insanity.

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