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UPDATE 5 – ‘The Citadel: Gun-Loving Americans Signing Up to Live in Idaho Fortress Community’


It turns out after being told to wait 1 week, we waited almost 2 and the ‘announcement’ wasn’t about the financial foundation of the ‘Citadel’ project but about finally getting their manufacturing license.

The financial foundation of building the ‘Citadel’ was based on the III Arm Company actully building firearms.

And they just got their license.

Here’s hoping that hundreds of ‘real patriots’ sign up with their $235 application fee and ‘paying 25% of your full lease price 90 days after your application has been approved. Once the Construction Team breaks ground on your residence, you will be required to pay 1/2 of the lease price each month'(without having an actual ‘house’ to live in yet).

And all of that based on a company that just got their license to manufacture the 2 fireamrs they have and mostly promoted by someone who took a plea deal of 2 years for extortion.


This is going to work well……

‘The Citadel Project has crossed a major threshold. Now that Jim Miller, our III Arms Company president has his FFL 07 license to manufacture firearms, we move from an interesting and exciting concept to a hands on brick and mortar project. III Arms Company has always been the key element needed for the Citadel to be a realistic project and now it’s a go’.

‘If you read John Robb ( – highly recommended) he talks about local production of food, water and energy to make a community resilient. The crucial element he adds to the mix is for the community to have manufacturing facilities to provide an economic base. III Arms Company will be our economic base, providing initial employment and “foreign exchange” for us’.
From :

After the Survival Blog wrote this :

‘The III Citadel Controversy’
‘For some background, see’:
“Citadel.” Convicted extortionist’s latest con gets huge play on Drudge’.

‘Again, I have nothing to do with Mr. Hyman. My only nexus to him is that he chose a piece of land that is in one of the states that I recommend for relocation. He has apparently tried to capitalize on my name. According to the SipseyStreetIrregulars blog, Mr. Hyman “persuades folks to invest” in the project. My advice: Beware of III Citadel’!
@ :

….there were a LOT of questions regarding the credibility of this ‘Citadel’ for ‘Patriots’ in North Idaho.

Then this :

‘Citadel: BIG NEWS incoming’
‘How many people need to be eating a pile of crow tonight’?
‘And because I am the epitome of dignified: Eat shit and die if you have it coming – you know who you are. Genetic waste’.
‘More announcements coming…’
‘There will be several announcements over the next 2-3 days regarding the Citadel and related projects’.
‘Big announcements’.
‘Stay tuned’.
@ :

And that was inj response to this :

On January 21st, the III Arms Company wrote this re: their ‘Citidel’ project in North Idaho :

‘III Arms Company should have an announcement up in the next week or so regarding ‘internal’ business’.
‘Internal or not, it’s something that the world needs to know to placate any ‘yer bullshittin us’ claims folks have thrown at us. It will be something that many folks have told us could not be accomplished’.

And now this….

‘In this afternoon’s mail, III Arms Company received a little note from the ATF saying: ‘Thanks for your interest, please start building firearms’.

‘Yup. The III Arms Company now possesses our “Manufacturer of Firearms Other Than Destructive Devices” License’.

‘But we really DO want to thank you for trying’!

‘Honestly, we do! What your failures DID, and I thank you from the bottom of my still beating heart, was made us a very popular search item. To that end’:

‘Hits on III Citadel blog headed well north of the 160,000 mark a week ago and STILL gains 2000 new views daily from all over the world’.

‘III Citadel has gotten more applications in the same time span than all the previous weeks combined, and they have not slowed down one bit’.

‘Hits on the III Arms site have been almost as numerous. We are visible across the globe as well’.

‘We have received interview requests from many, different (cough) ‘news’ (cough) sources on both sides of the pond, as well as some pretty substantial entities in the Liberty minded media. We will pick and choose who gets it, and who doesn’t. And we promise we won’t mention you at all. (yeah, we’re selfish that way)’

‘Those interviews are scheduled for the not so distant future’.

‘I just hope your leader is around to read them. YOU had a hand in promoting us, and I just know that little bit of extra salt will feel wonderful in those festering wounds you call reality. It’s going to get even better as we add a bit of vinegar to the mix here shortly, just wait and see. We have MORE announcements coming shortly. We’ve just started this, and we aren’t even up to speed yet’.
From :




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