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Caturday at the kane’s

Peabody - "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.Dat look good!""What is it?"

Peabody – “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.Dat look good!”
“What is it?”

Boy Boy - "Yes?"

Boy Boy – “Yes?”

Zena and Opie - "HEY! It's Caturday. You don't have to bathe."

Zena and Opie – “HEY! It’s Caturday. You don’t have to bathe.”

Tigger - "Ahhhh. Catnip and a warm bed."

Tigger – “Ahhhh. Catnip and a warm bed.”






‘On the Wrong Side of Everything, McCain Attacks Hagel’


‘John McCain, who long ago anointed himself judge, jury and executioner on defense issues, today blasted President Obama’s Pentagon nominee Chuck Hagel as being on the “wrong side of history.”

John McCain :

March 12, 2003 speaking on the War in Iraq –

“There’s no doubt in my mind that we will prevail and there’s no doubt in my mind, once these people are gone, that we will be welcomed as liberators.”
June 11, 2003 –

“I have said a long time that reconstruction of Iraq would be a long, long, difficult process, but the conflict — the major conflict is over, the regime change has been accomplished, and it’s very appropriate.”

March 2, 2005 Speaking on the War in Afghanistan –

“Could I add, it was in Afghanistan, as well, there were many people who predicted that Afghanistan would not be a success. So far, it’s a remarkable success.”

August 2007 exchange with CNN’s Larry King –

KING: “If you were president and knew that bin Laden was in Pakistan, you know where, would you have U.S. forces go in after him”?

MCCAIN: “Larry, I’m not going to go there and here’s why, because Pakistan is a sovereign nation. I think the Pakistanis would want bin Laden out of their hair and out of their country and it’s causing great difficulties in Pakistan itself”.

‘Nobody as consistently and tragically wrong as John McCain should regarded as an authority on matters of U.S. national security, let alone be a fixture on the Sunday talk shows’.

‘He’s not an expert or even an elder statesman’.

‘Now, John McCain is just raging at the world like King Lear, only without the crown he desperately sought but never acquired. At the end of the day, the Vietnam POW Barack Obama lauded as a national hero is now just a sore loser, a small and bitter old man and an old soldier who should just fade away’.
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teabagger alert! – What is wrong with the Republican Party – “And we’re not going to allow minorities to run roughshod over what you people believe in!”


Just a few Republicans saying  ‘We can’t be the party of stupid’ doesn’t change the fact that the Republicans opened the door to these teabaggers to increase the members in their party.

But until the self same so called leaders of the republican party stop making nice little speeches about saying stupid things and instead come out and name names and say they DON’T represent the Republican party – these people, bigiots, ARE the face of the Republican Party.

“I hear you loud and clear, Barack Obama. You don’t represent the country that I grew up with. And your values is not going to save us. We’re going to take this country back for the Lord. We’re going to try to take this country back for conservatism. And we’re not going to allow minorities to run roughshod over what you people believe in!”

— Arkansas state Sen. Jason Rapert (R), at a Tea Party rally in Arkansas.

Super Bowl Sunday – One last pick


For the regular season I went 154 wins and 100 loses.

In the playoffs I’ve gone 3 wins and 7 loses.

The lesson of course is to not pick in the playoffs.

Football is entertainment and poor entertainment at that. I just pick as a diversion.

So I won’t, as usual, be watching the Super Bowl. Especially as I’ve seen some of the commercials and frankly, they’re not all that great this year.

And for many of us….the commercials are the attraction as the games themselves are rarely good.

But my pick in the Super Bowl will be San Fran.

And not for their offense or defense or special teams or wins or loses or anything that actually deals with the sport or the teams directly.

I’m picking San Fran for the sole reason of I want their Assistant Offense Coach Paul Wulff to win a Super Bowl ring.

A year ago, he was the Head Coach of the WSU Cougars. He had a very bad win loss record but largely due in part to having taken a team that was so bad and out of control that they even faked the weight room records of the players.

But Paul Wulff turned the integrity completley around.

Got rid of the riff raf and installed a sense of pride and dignity in the work ethic of football.

But as I said, a very bad win-loss record so his firing was not unexpected.

It’s just that they brought in his replacement for a press conference BEFORE firing him.

So for that reason, I hope the 49er’s win and Paul Wulff goes to Pullman and finds Bills Moos and shoves his Super Bowl ring under Moos face and says – ‘Up your nose with a rubber hose and twice as far with a candy bar’.


“Obviously” mentally ill man buys guns at Walmart, Gun World. Then shoots mom. Dismembers her

gun nuts today

‘And remember, it was Walmart that sold Jared Lee Loughner the ammo he used to shoot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in the head at a townhall meeting with constituents’.

‘From NewsOK we learn that Walmart and Gun World sold rifles and a glock, respectively, to a man who was “obviously” (per the police) mentally ill’.

‘A few weeks later, the man, Gerald David Hume, shot his mother in the chest, dismembered her, and then got into an 11-hour standoff with the police’.

‘Oklahoma City Police Capt. Dexter Nelson said the fact that Hume, 52, was able to get the guns — despite being “visibly” mentally ill — is a scary reality in Oklahoma and a majority of the states in the nation’.

‘Nelson said officers who’ve dealt with Hume described him as being “obviously” mentally ill’.

“Obviously” mentally ill. But they sold him rifles and a handgun:

‘Gerald Hume was described by a relative as “a known schizophrenic” who hears voices and requires treatment, police Detective David Jacobson reported in an affidavit for a search warrant’.

‘During the standoff, Gerald Hume admitted to a police negotiator that he had shot his mother in the chest, police Detective Ryan Porter reported in a court affidavit filed with the charge’.

‘It takes a village to fuel America’s mass-murder mentality. The culpability goes far beyond the shooter. It includes stores like Walmart and Gun World that are happy to profit from weapons, and organizations like the NRA that spend millions to avoid any kind of political attempt to make things better’.
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‘What if Obama had Reagan’s Government spending?

obama's spending1

– ‘Ezra Klein builds this chart comparing quarterly GDP growth from President Obama’s actual spending policies (in blue) and what growth would have looked like had Obama spent at President Reagan’s levels (in red)’.

obama spending

“Whereas total government spending dropped in 10 out of the 16 quarters that comprised Obama’s first term, it rose in 13 out of Reagan’s first 16 quarters… I took Obama’s GDP growth, netted out the effect of government spending and investment, and then added the total government spending and investment numbers — which include state and local government — from Reagan’s first term. The result is a significantly better economy, with growth since 2010 averaging 3.2 percent rather than 2.4 percent.”


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