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Biblicial Constitutionalism.
‘God’ over Constitution.


Well, maybe fear is the wrong word. But I suppose it sounds better then saying we should lock them up as traitors…

Because, you see, the far right of politics is also pretty much the far right of christianity. In other words, the christian version of the taliban. With their own perverted view of the bible, the constiution, of reality…

And indeed- their allegiance is NOT to the united states or to the constiutions, nor to any of the ideals this nation was not only founded but built on.

Their only true allegiance is to their god. Based overwhelmingly on an interpretation of the bible that falls far outside the real of the bulk of christianity.

I- and all Americans- indeed all citizens of this world are, or should be tired of those that pervert the ideals presented by religions for their own narrow goals.

Yes, many of our founding…

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