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Getting Gun Nuts Under Control – ‘Colorado Says ‘No’ To Armed Teachers’

guns in schools

“Not at all that crazy,” said Kenneth Zarecor, who lives in Grand Junction, is a Democrat and owns a firearm. “More guns is not the answer. I know we live in the West, but, come on, this isn’t some Wild West shootout kind of state.”

‘After the state experienced two of the most infamous mass shootings, Columbine and Aurora, Colorado’s Senate voted down a measure that would permit teachers to carry concealed weapons in schools’.

‘The bill, which failed along party lines, was rejected on Monday. Over 100 demonstrators stood outside the Capitol building protesting for even stricter gun controls’.

‘Since the shootings, Colorado’s western, gun-loving tradition has become a bit more tempered. A Denver Post poll shows that 60% of Coloradans believe in at least some gun control. 83% of those surveyed believe there should be background checks. However, 56% of residents also favor the NRA. Only 41% believed the bill allowing teachers concealed-carry should have passed’.
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