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Blog Running – Fear and Loathing at FOX – ‘Neocon movement unravels as Fox News ratings plummet to 12 year low’


Of course Eric ‘The Red’ Erickson is jumping ship at CNN and sailing to the stormy waters of FOX to ‘right’ (2 puns in one sentence!!!!) the ship.

By FOX embracing the biggest lie from Mitt Romney – “He’ll win in a landslide”, they are losing viewers as they couldn’t deliver.

More and more ‘Conservatives’ are understanding that hate and fear in and of itself isn’t a policy.

‘Fox News, the defiantly neocon news network which achieved high ratings by keeping its conservative viewers glued to the dial in a constant state of fear, saw those ratings surge to an all time high after Barack Obama became President four years ago’.

‘But as of January 2013 those ratings have plummeted, giving back not only all the ground gained during Obama’s first term but sinking even further to levels not seen since 2001, when the network was just a few years old and still finding its early footing’.

‘Obama’s victory in 2008 gave Fox News the ammunition it needed for a ratings bonanza: the republican party had already spread accusations that Obama was secretly a Muslim, or secretly a socialist, or secretly born in Kenya’.

‘And while there was never any evidence of any of these accusations, Fox drove them home every day in the name of keeping and growing its conservative audience’.

‘If conservatives lived in a state of constant fear during his first term, then they’d be in a state of outright panic if he won an unchecked second go-round’.

‘During the 2012 election Fox’s claims about Obama grew more absurd by the day, and ratings continued to climb’.

‘While MSNBC has gained in the ratings of late, conservative Fox viewers are the last people likely to have shifted to there. CNN hasn’t gained in the ratings at all, which means Fox viewers are
increasingly watching no television news at all’.

‘Part of that could be that, having seen the fairly moderate Obama in action for long enough now, they’ve come to realize that the outlandish accusations by Fox were mere manipulation’.

‘Now spurned by the only news network they thought they could believe in, they’ve tuned out altogether’.

‘Others may still hold outrageous fears about the imaginary version of Obama which Fox created, but having accepted the fact that he’ll be in office for another four years, have simply lost enthusiasm’.

‘In either case, they’re no longer tuned into Fox and this no longer inundated with the constant panic inducing misrepresentations of the news’.

‘Fox still has a large audience and, if anything, it’ll steer its reporting even more extremist in an attempt to lock in the viewers it has left’.

‘But elections are won by majorities, not by extremists, and if the sudden fall of Fox News becomes a permanent trend, could leave the increasingly neoconservative republican party without enough supporters to successfully continue down its current path’.
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