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Gun Nuts Out Of Control – ‘National Organizations With Anti-Gun Policies’

Conservative Political Action Conference Draws Major Leaders From The Right

This is the NRA’s ‘enemies’ list.

Darn. I didn’t make it but a lot of people did.

I’ve just selected a few. Seriously. Just a few. And as per usual, I’ve included the link to the NRA’s site.

‘The following organizations have lent monetary, grassroots or some other type of direct support to anti-gun organizations. In many instances, these organizations lent their name in support of specific campaigns to pass anti-gun legislation such as the March 1995 HCI “Campaign to Protect Sane Gun Laws.” Many of these organizations were listed as “Campaign Partners,” for having pledged to fight any efforts to repeal the Brady Act and the Clinton “assault weapons” ban. All have officially endorsed anti-gun positions’.


Ambulatory Pediatric Association

American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing

American Association for the Surgery of Trauma

American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Central Conference of American Rabbis

Common Cause

League of Women Voters of the United States*

Lutheran Church in America

National Safe Kids Campaign

National Association of Police Organizations

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

National Association of School Psychologists

National Association of Pediatric Nurse Associates & Practitioners

National Association of School Safety and Law Enforcement Officers

National Education Association

National Association of Elementary School Principals*

National Association of Public Hospitals

National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA

National Parent, Teachers Association*

NETWORK: A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby

Society of Critical Care Medicine

YWCA of the U.S.A.

‘The following celebrities and national figures have lent their name and notoriety to anti-gun causes, speaking out for anti-gun legislation and providing a voice for anti-gun organizations’.
(My note – This list is HUGE. Basicly if you’ve acxted – the NRA hates you.)

Richard Dean Anderson – Actor

Ed Asner – Actor

Alec Baldwin – Actor

Bob Barker – TV Personality

Kevin Bacon – Actor

Dr. Joyce Brothers – Psychologist/Author

Sean Connery – Actor

Danny DeVito – Actor

Michael Douglas – Actor

Phil Donahue – Talk Show Host

Richard Dreyfus – Actor

David Duchovny – Actor

Geraldo – TV personality

Mark Harmon – Actor

Hal Linden – Actor

Jack Nicholson – Actor

Leonard Nimoy – Actor

Richard North Patterson – Writer

Rhea Perlman- Actress

Dennis Quaid – Actor

Jerry Seinfeld – Actor

Martin Sheen – Actor

Sylvester Stallone – Actor

Dick Van Dyke – Actor

Eli Wallach – Actor*

Bishop Edmond Browning – Espiscopal Leader

James E. Carter – Former President

Michael Eisner, Former Chairman and CEO The Walt Disney Company

C. Everett Koop – Former Surgeon General

Anti-Gun Corporations/Corporate Heads

‘The following listing includes the most prominent national corporations that have lent their corporate support to gun control initiatives or taken position supporting gun control’.

Ben & Jerry`s Homemade, Inc.

Blue Cross Blue Shield – Kansas City

Hallmark Cards

Kansas City Chiefs

Levi Strauss & Co

Sara Lee Corporation

Southland Corporation

St. Louis Rams
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‘2nd secret GOP “how to talk immigration” memo uncovered’

talking mexican

‘Following yesterday’s immigration reform announcement by a bipartisan group of senators, the conservative Hispanic Leadership Network issued a “Do’s and Don’t’s” memo to teach Republican lawmakers how to talk about immigration reform without offending Latinos (seriously)’.

‘From the immigration memo’:

“Tone and rhetoric will be key in the days and weeks ahead as both liberals and conservatives lay out their perspectives,” they advised. “Please consider these tonally sensitive messaging points as you discuss immigration, regardless of your position.”

“Do use ‘undocumented immigrant’ when referring to those here without documentation,” but “Don’t use the word ‘illegals’ or ‘aliens,’” and “Don’t use the term ‘anchor baby.’”

‘Michelle Malkin will be happy about that one’.
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‘Hilarious Alert: Dick Cheney Interviewed By Fox News For Gun Control Advice’

dick cheney hunting

‘Dick Cheney Hunting Footage! FOX NEWS NEVER BEFORE SEEN’!

‘Allow me to repeat that for those of you whose capillaries didn’t just rupture: the man who shot an old guy in the face was asked his opinions on gun control’.

‘It seems Fox News correspondent, Griff Jenkins, met up with Cheney over the week at the Safari Club International convention for gun owners and manufacturers, where he was able to solicit Cheney’s opinion on the hot-topic of guns’.
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Getting Gun Nuts Under Control – ‘Colorado Says ‘No’ To Armed Teachers’

guns in schools

“Not at all that crazy,” said Kenneth Zarecor, who lives in Grand Junction, is a Democrat and owns a firearm. “More guns is not the answer. I know we live in the West, but, come on, this isn’t some Wild West shootout kind of state.”

‘After the state experienced two of the most infamous mass shootings, Columbine and Aurora, Colorado’s Senate voted down a measure that would permit teachers to carry concealed weapons in schools’.

‘The bill, which failed along party lines, was rejected on Monday. Over 100 demonstrators stood outside the Capitol building protesting for even stricter gun controls’.

‘Since the shootings, Colorado’s western, gun-loving tradition has become a bit more tempered. A Denver Post poll shows that 60% of Coloradans believe in at least some gun control. 83% of those surveyed believe there should be background checks. However, 56% of residents also favor the NRA. Only 41% believed the bill allowing teachers concealed-carry should have passed’.
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‘Michigan Governor Backs Off ‘Unfair’ Electoral Rigging Plan: ‘I Don’t Think This Is The Right Time’ and ‘BREAKING: Virginia Senate Committee Overwhelmingly Kills Electoral Vote Rigging Scheme’

vote rigging

There is an old saying that there is no such thing as bad press.

Yes there is.

Public opinion alone is to credit for both these States backing down from rigging the Electoral College votes from their States.

It’s one of the biggest problems Republicans have.

They simply can not grasp the concept that we Americans don’t want one set of rules for some and another set for the rest of us.

And while this does ‘stall’ the Republican vote rigging, I am still a big fan and supporter of doing away with the Electoral College.

‘The prospects of a proposal to rig Michigan’s electoral votes in favor of Republicans took a nosedive on Tuesday as Gov. Rick Snyder (R) came out against the plan this year’.

‘Snyder had previously been considering the plan to shift Michigan’s presidential system from a winner-take-all system to divvying electoral votes by congressional district’.

‘However, in an interview with Bloomberg, Snyder backed off, saying he was “very skeptical” of the idea, noting it would “change the playing field so it’s an unfair advantage.” He finished by saying, “I don’t think this is the appropriate time to look at it.”
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‘ProgressVirginia reported Tuesday afternoon that the Virginia Senate’s Privileges and Elections Committee killed Sen. Charles “Bill” Carrico Sr.’s electoral college-rigging bill, despite an offer by Carrico to amend the bill to award electors in proportion to the state’s popular vote. The vote was 11-4 against the bill, although it will not be official until the close of the committee meeting’.

‘The bill, as written, would have awarded 11 of Virginia’s 13 electoral votes to the winner of each of the state’s 11 heavily gerrymandered Congressional Districts. The remaining two electors would have been awarded to whoever won the majority of Congressional Districts’.

‘Under this scheme, Mitt Romney would have received 9 Virginia electors to Obama’s 4, even though Barack Obama won the state by four points’.
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What is wrong with the Republican Party – ‘Tennessee Lawmaker Proposes Cutting Welfare Benefits For Bad Grades’

poor get poorer in TN

I watched this on the Martin Bashir show yesterday and frankly couldn’t believe it.

But it’s true.

This State Representative actually wants to put the burden on children. Children having the responsibility of determining the benefits a family receives.

If 1 child doesn’t do well or has a bad attendance problem, the whole family gets penalized.

‘Tennessee state Rep. Stacey Campfield (R) appeared on MSNBC’s Martin Bashir which aired on Jan. 29, 2013 to defend his proposal to make welfare benefits reliant upon the academic performance of the children of welfare recipients’.

‘The bill would require a reduction of Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) payments if so-called satisfactory standards are not met, which in an odd responsibility twist would actually fall on the children, as the pressure for them to perform accordingly would become tied to their family’s ability to stay financially afloat in the face of reductions’.

‘Bashir wasted no time in challenging Campfield on his proposed bill; while Campfield tried to elaborate on his beliefs by saying’:

“We have a three-part stool I call it for education, it’s one part the schools, one part the teacher, and one part the family, and probably the most important part is the family. Unfortunately we have some families who really don’t care about education, don’t care if their kids get an education or stay in school”.

“And what we’re saying is, if your kid is quitting school, not showing up, showing up at 11 o’clock in his pajamas, you know, that’s not a prepared kid to get an education, and we need to do something to motivate these parents to realize how important this education is, and unfortunately the only tool we have left is these, these, this cash payment that we make to these families”.

‘Bashir then asked Campfield’:

“But you already penalize families if the children don’t attend school, but this is specifically to do with children’s grade performance. So I want to ask you again. How are you helping a child by saying: here pass this test, and if you don’t succeed well then you’re family for the next month maybe won’t eat”?

‘Campfield tried to dodge the question, but Bashir quickly pointed out that Campfield’s bill would deduct $60 from a family that is receiving $185 based on a child’s ability to pass a test’.

‘Campfield responded by saying that he is not demanding that poor kids become “rocket surgeons,” and yes he said “surgeons,” or that they “split the atom.” He said he is only demanding basic, bare minimum qualifications’.

‘Bashir continued to badger Campfield over the question of whether it is fair to put that burden on a child when the child has no control over the sometimes horrific, impoverished circumstances of the environment that so many children are forced to live in’.

‘Campfield insisted that the child is not being penalized, but if the family sees a financial deduction, then the child will be penalized’.

‘But perhaps the most revealing statement that was made during the entire exchange was when Campfield said’:

“Now yes if you’re a parent, a bad parent who is abusing your child, guess what. That kid is going to do badly. I would hope they wouldn’t abuse the child, so the child would do better, and then no payments would be cut”.

‘And there it is. Another pompous conservative politically posturing for a piece of feel good legislation aimed strictly at making his Tea Party/Republican ideologues happy’.
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Blog Running – Fear and Loathing at FOX – ‘Neocon movement unravels as Fox News ratings plummet to 12 year low’


Of course Eric ‘The Red’ Erickson is jumping ship at CNN and sailing to the stormy waters of FOX to ‘right’ (2 puns in one sentence!!!!) the ship.

By FOX embracing the biggest lie from Mitt Romney – “He’ll win in a landslide”, they are losing viewers as they couldn’t deliver.

More and more ‘Conservatives’ are understanding that hate and fear in and of itself isn’t a policy.

‘Fox News, the defiantly neocon news network which achieved high ratings by keeping its conservative viewers glued to the dial in a constant state of fear, saw those ratings surge to an all time high after Barack Obama became President four years ago’.

‘But as of January 2013 those ratings have plummeted, giving back not only all the ground gained during Obama’s first term but sinking even further to levels not seen since 2001, when the network was just a few years old and still finding its early footing’.

‘Obama’s victory in 2008 gave Fox News the ammunition it needed for a ratings bonanza: the republican party had already spread accusations that Obama was secretly a Muslim, or secretly a socialist, or secretly born in Kenya’.

‘And while there was never any evidence of any of these accusations, Fox drove them home every day in the name of keeping and growing its conservative audience’.

‘If conservatives lived in a state of constant fear during his first term, then they’d be in a state of outright panic if he won an unchecked second go-round’.

‘During the 2012 election Fox’s claims about Obama grew more absurd by the day, and ratings continued to climb’.

‘While MSNBC has gained in the ratings of late, conservative Fox viewers are the last people likely to have shifted to there. CNN hasn’t gained in the ratings at all, which means Fox viewers are
increasingly watching no television news at all’.

‘Part of that could be that, having seen the fairly moderate Obama in action for long enough now, they’ve come to realize that the outlandish accusations by Fox were mere manipulation’.

‘Now spurned by the only news network they thought they could believe in, they’ve tuned out altogether’.

‘Others may still hold outrageous fears about the imaginary version of Obama which Fox created, but having accepted the fact that he’ll be in office for another four years, have simply lost enthusiasm’.

‘In either case, they’re no longer tuned into Fox and this no longer inundated with the constant panic inducing misrepresentations of the news’.

‘Fox still has a large audience and, if anything, it’ll steer its reporting even more extremist in an attempt to lock in the viewers it has left’.

‘But elections are won by majorities, not by extremists, and if the sudden fall of Fox News becomes a permanent trend, could leave the increasingly neoconservative republican party without enough supporters to successfully continue down its current path’.
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