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The first to the last ‘Conversation with a Conservative’


Why not?

#1 – In comment to my post : ‘Gun Nuts Out Of Control – Even To Republicans! – ‘DOH! Open Microphone Reveals GOP’s REAL Feelings About ‘Crazy’ Pro-Gun Bill’

Donald Jenkins x

Submitted on 2013/01/21 at 8:05 pm
I am amazed at just how many so called “Educated” People think a National Gun ban is going to stop gun crime. The true issue is the person with a gun, not the gun its self. Strict Laws are on the books now, enforce what is there and make stiff mandatory sentencing, capital punishment, and allow people to have the guns they need to protect themselves. It is not the way a gun looks or how many rounds it can hold, that makes it lethal. I was trained to strict, exact standards of engagement. 1 well placed shot,1 kill! I can engage at ranges from a few feet to several hundred yards with the same results. Allow the law abiding People to keep and bare arms, this is a right as old as the Nation its self.

#2 – comment to my post : ‘The Second Amendment’

Donald Jenkins x

Submitted on 2013/01/21 at 8:18 pm
The AR 15 is a good light weapon, it is no match for the kind of fire power carried by drug dealers and alike. The founding Fathers would approve if they could but see the weaponry we are facing and on more than one front.

#3 – In comment to my post : ‘Conversation With A Conservative – Part 1 – Why America Is Failing – The Politics of Hate and Ignorance’

Donald Jenkins x

Submitted on 2013/01/21 at 8:36 pm
I want to see something very different for a change. I want to see a Native American Indian week! This People was treated worse than any other in our Nations history and yet we do not say a word about it or them. The Native American Indians have done so much to help this country, why not give something back for a change? Who knows of the “Trail of Tears”? Black Kettle? The Navajoes cod talkers? I can go on and on but you get the point. Land stolen by the White Man, Lied to and left to die on a Reservation. Yet the American Indian lives on, still doing his part in this Great Nation and aiding in our growth and sharing the American way of life.

#4 – In comment to my post ‘Gun Nuts Out Of Control – ‘Man accidentally shot outside gun show’

Donald Jenkins x

Submitted on 2013/01/21 at 9:05 pm | In reply to fatherkane.
While Baroc Oboma did not “Directly” kill a border agent, he is at least in part RESPONSIBLE! I am a gun owner/shooter/sportsman/ ex military. If any one of my guns goes out of my care and is used in a crime, I am in part responsible. I have an obligation as the owner to see to it that my Weapons are secured and safe AT ALL TIMES. If I were to Loan or sell a Weapon then again I and I alone are Responsible to see to it that all laws are fallowed and things are done in an open and safe manner. While in the Military I was responsible for each and every round fired by all members of my Fire Team. If a Weapon was to have been captured then it the full weight of recovery or destruction of said Weapon fell Directly on me.
Holder is one of the “Presidents Men” so they are both to blame for the misuse of said Weapon.

#5 – In comment to my post : ‘Republicans in 2016 – ‘Jennifer Granholm Destroys Santorum’s Opposition To Gun Safety: ‘Why Do You Need An Armor Piercing Bullet?’

Donald Jenkins x

Submitted on 2013/01/21 at 9:24 pm
Armor Piercing Bullets can be used to stop a car. They really have no practical use, however I do feel that if I were put in a certain area where I feared due to drive by shooting and so on. Then yes I should have that tool available to me as a law abiding citizen. Drug dealers and others in this activity have also been known to wear Body Armor, so a standard round would not be effective in this situation. Armor Piercing rounds would, if I have to fight for my life I want everything I can get!
Face the simple fact that Criminals are not going to fallow any laws, so they will always out gun the regular citizen. Why not give us a fighting chance? Mexico has some of the toughest Gun Control laws in the world. How many of there innocent civilians get killed every day by gun violence? Save it, we have Drug Dealers/Manufacturers here too.

#6 – In comment to my post : ‘Conversation with a ‘Conservative’ – Part 2 – “I am amazed at just how many so called “Educated” People think a National Gun ban is going to stop gun crime”.

Donald Jenkins x

Submitted on 2013/01/22 at 9:48 am
I can see you lean hard left, that’s your right. I served to protect and defend that right for you. I have only to say that I know that the number of “well Trained” people are few. Saying this I also say have you ever been in a true life and death situation? Where you had to kill or be killed? Have you ever been under “Direct Fire”? Do you know how many rounds it will take you or the average person to neutralizer a threat?
The truth is No One dose. Even a trained Person can get “Rattled” under fire. What do you do if there are more than one or two intruders? I know from Personal Experience that there are times that 10 rounds just aren’t enough.
As to some of the safety concerns versus “Wonderful” police protection. I live in a rule area where there can be as much as a 20 minuet response time. Look at national stats a “Violent Home Invasion” where a person is raped, killed, or worse is over in a very short time. I Admire and Respect my local Police, they do a great job. I have Family members that do this job and do it well.
I prefer to be able to protect myself along with the help they provide. I am not going to go into my depth of training, as to my Weapons being trained, all I have to say is they are as well trained as the operator of them.
All of my Weapons are registered, I have had many back ground checks done on myself and family with NO Problems.
I Personally hate a revolver, I prefer a Semi Auto. If I chose an AR15 or an AK47 (Semi. Auto. Version) with 2 30 round mag’s. so what? People like me are NOT the issue at hand. I see ANY ban. on any Semi. Auto. as an INFRINGEMENT on my Second Amendment rights.
As to being at war, let me ask you this. Do you live in the south west? take Texas for example how many drug runners come across the border each day? How many are armed and armed well? Our Borders are not secure and neither is our Country. If I am facing a “MOB” of drug smugglers do I want an AR 15 or a Revolver? Or better still do I call 911 and hope and pray they get to me before I am “Worm Food”?
No this is not a Perfect place, I do not know of any such place. It is my Home and BY GOD I will defend it! Down to the last Round, Arrow, and Man!
Being a “Gun Owner” carries a great deal of responsibility. I am the one that has to stand and account for what my guns are used for, when and for what reason.
As to Strict laws: Look to Florida, the 10 20 life is a good starting place. Its 100% clear and final!
There is one more thing I will say, and its a quote from Martin Luther King. “Everything Hitler did in Germany was Legal Too” see a pattern here?
#7 – In comment to my post : ‘What is wrong with the Republican Party – ‘House Republican Leader Blames Gun Violence On ‘Welfare Moms’

Donald Jenkins x

Submitted on 2013/01/23 at 6:05 am
This is true, but the things I see are: we the American People have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear far to often. We allow certain People to get us to ether not say a specific word or not do traditional things in public. We do not have a PUBLIC word of Prayer, “It offends” a particular group of people. We do not Pledge Allegiance to the Flag, Some People REFUSE to do this. I ask them One Question What Country are you in? If you are not Loyal to it get the HE– OUT!
We do not teach SOLID Moral values, or a Good work ethic. We do not teach RESPECT for our fellow man and OURSELVES. There is no pride, no true value placed on accomplishment, no feeling of self worth.
When I was a Child Welfare was a shameful thing to do. It was and is much better to get what you have by working for it than have it handed to you. I was taught to be Independent. There is an old say that goes: “Give a man a Fish and you feed him for one day. Teach this same Man to fish and you feed him for a life time”
With Violence, and Nudity on almost every Chanel games that teach killing and shooting as a “Fun pass time”. Movies that are nonstop killing and Glorify all manners of crime, and are set as the Role Models” for our kids.
Now how can anyone blame a Gun for the Violence? We as a Nation have FAILED our kids, plain and simple.
True Value and Solid upbringing start at home not the school or sitter. You are only going to get out what you put in! If you teach Trash, then expect more of the same. If you have a good solid value system and rules of conduct, manners and so on, that is what you will get.

#8 – In comment to a post I rebloged form the Fifth Column : ‘NRA’s Bizarre Response To Obama Inaugural Address’
‘Reblogged from The Fifth Column’

Donald Jenkins x

Submitted on 2013/01/23 at 6:17 am
I can not begging to say how disturbing this. I served and did my part to protect these rights for all people of this Nation.
Look to other Countries, Mexico is a good starting point. Strict gun laws. How is it working there? A defenseless civilian population, Crime and Murder at staggering rate. I can go on but the point is the same!
This is not “dumb” its CRIMINAL!

#9 – In comment to my post : ‘Gun Nuts Out Of Control – ‘Tea Party Congressman: Citizens Should Have Same Weapons As The Military’

Donald Jenkins x

Submitted on 2013/01/23 at 6:24 am
I see it like this: You are a Citizen, and You are responsible in part to protect both yourself and community. So if you do not have a “Gun” or want to exercise this right, you are a burden on the system.
Therefor you need to pay a “TAX” for this added strain to the system. Go register that you have no gun and need a faster response from the police than I do.

#10 – In comment to my post : ‘A word from your sponsor – The Electoral College’

Donald Jenkins x

Submitted on 2013/01/25 at 12:46 pm
States such as California, with 50 or more Electoral Votes put Oboma in Office with the backing of “Big Unions” and Hollywood Raped the Country! Put an end to all this non since. Oboma got the Electoral votes but the Majority of the Country feel that he is not the best choice for the Job!

#11 – In comment to my post : ‘Gun Nuts Out Of Control – ‘Tea Party Congressman: Citizens Should Have Same Weapons As The Military’

Donald Jenkins x

Submitted on 2013/01/25 at 9:02 pm
In this Political Climate, and the unrest and disturbing events of the past several mounts. It is to be expected that Oboma Will try and get his Wish list passed into law. I praise God and the Congress for taking Oboma to task on the so called “Appointments” He lost It was ruled “unconstitutional”. I know that more battles lie ahead, this Pushy so called President, will not give up easily.
I posted Earlier that There is a “National Gun Ban” in the works and was called a layer. So be it, Look at legislation in the senate right now on “Assault Weapons” is not a “National Ban”?(my bad)
I also mentioned that the true problem is Video Games, Violent Movies, (ie. Hollywood) and to my surprise I was told this to is wrong. (my bad again?) Now Joe Biden is saying that “perhaps we need to look at these things????
Finally I was told to show that everyone has the “Same Level of Training as I do. I must Admit that there are few People that have this level of training. I am not going in to great detail about my training at all. However I was on the range for at least 8 hours a day every day for several mounts, learning things such as angle of deflection, wind effect on round drift ect….
Lastly I was asked if I were in a similar situation as New Town, how many People I could kill unarmed in the same amount of time. Sadly I have to say more. History is there for study and learning of past events and mistakes and yes terror able things done by others.
A few Gallons of Gasoline and a Person who is going to commit suicide make for a DANGEROUS combination.
Oboma is Holders boss, that alone makes him RESPONSIBLE for his subornation, and the actions he carried out. (Gun Running) Border Agent Terri would still be alive if it had not been for the Gun used by a drug runner which he received via Eric Holder(Gun running) .
Finally I do feel that we need strict back ground checks for anyone buying a gun, but allow us all to buy what we wish. We are to “Defend the State” as is said in the Second Amendment. I further feel that anyone who can pass the Strict back ground test for a “Class Three” Permit should be able to buy what ever type of automatic weapon they choose!
If you wish to stop Gun Violence (which will never totally happen) put an end to “Gun Free Zones” and encourage People to arm them selves and take classes, go to ranges as a Family and often! Learn Gun safety at an early age. Teach solid Morals and Respect. Do not allow this “Gang” look or any parts of it in your Home, Schools, or Community!
If our “Elected Officials” feel less Guns will make us all safe then why not have a “Gun Free Zone” around them and there Families? I will tell you why. they know its all Bull Sh–! If they want to make us the “Law Abiding” Citizens give up our gun rights, they should too!
The Issue is Culture, and Mental Illness. I am saddened by what has happened, I do feel that if just 12 teacher had a gun and knew how to use it!( This is the Key) Know how and
when to use a gun, this would not have been as bad. I would love to see ALL SCHOOLS Nation wide have a few Teachers that are willing to carry Concealed Weapons. Maybe give them a 2 or 3% Increase on there pay for doing so? Then I would KNOW my Child is Protected.

#12 – In comment to my post : ‘Gun Nuts Out Of Control – ‘Tea Party Congressman: Citizens Should Have Same Weapons As The Military’

Donald Jenkins x

Submitted on 2013/01/25 at 9:09 pm
The last Paragraph has a typo, sorry it should read “that 1 teacher had a gun not 12″

#13 – In comment to my post : ‘‘Sarah Palin Out At Fox News Channel’

Donald Jenkins x

Submitted on 2013/01/26 at 11:44 am
She is out spoken and has some good Honest Values. This sometimes “rub’s” some people the wrong way. She has a great message once you cut through the Showmen ship of it all. She is more like the Population of America People Realize. This makes some People uncomfortable, She is BLESSED with a Fighting spirit and courage of a Mountain Lion. I wish her the Best as she moves on with her Private agenda.


‘GOP Congressman Offers Plan To Impeach President Over Budget Deficits’


Do these people actually read these things aloud before they submit them?

Strangly enough the only President in the last 100 years that would NOT have been impeached would be President Clinton who just happens to be the only President in the last 100 years that WAS impeached by the House.

‘Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) on Monday offered up a constitutional amendment which would make failure to balance the nation’s budget an impeachable offense’.

‘If the country were to face a deficit, Brooks’ bill demands that the President take “such steps as are necessary” to avoid excess spending EXCEPT…….“The President may not order any increase in taxes or other revenue measures to enforce the Amendment.”
From :

To answer the question ‘how stupid can one person be’ is equated with how much money Rush wants to make off of the simpleminded.

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New Rule: You can’t say you LOVE something and only recognize SOME of it, be it a holy book, a constitution or a marriage vow.

If you want to scream ANYTHING involving the Second Amendment and how you will fight to the death to protect it, and you are unable to recognize the FIRST FOUR WORDS as being an important part of that Amendment, your opinion holds no value to the rest of us. And you and I know, walking into a Walmart and buying an assault rifle, is not well-regulated by any stretch of the imagination.

Pick-n-Choose Patriotism, really isn’t Patriotism. – vince


As passed by the Congress:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

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