The Last Of The Millenniums

Just because it always has been, doesn't mean it always will be

Conversation with an obsessive/compulsive, ignorant Conservative : “I posted Earlier that There is a “National Gun Ban” in the works and was called a layer. So be it, Look at legislation in the senate right now on “Assault Weapons” is not a “National Ban”?(my bad)”


13 unapproved comments because this ‘Conservative’ won’t
stand by and prove what he wrote is true.

Well I didn’t call you a ‘layer’, nor did I call you a liar
which is a word we have in the English language for someone
who doesn’t tell the truth.

What I did say was that until you answered the
statements you made, you would be spam. In fact, I’ve posted
a cut and paste of what I wrote you.

You sadly are the very public face of the minority in the
Republican Party. A minority that is running the Party and
obstructing our Nation.

Making false statements and then running away.

Either you truly don’t know/understand the difference between ‘National Gun ban’ and ‘Assault Weapons ban’, which is scary or you are purposely misleading which stops in it’s tracks any possible intelligent debate.

But please go ahead and listen to and believe FOX, Rush, Beck, Dick Morris and Karl Rove…….the same people that told you Mitt Romney was not just going to win……but win in a landslide.

So again……a very simple thing to do. Rather then divert
your comment into me of falsely accusing you……just answer
the questions I have on the statements you made.

In other words……stand by what you said.

Do you have the courage of your convictions? Or are you just
– – – – – – – –
Now why didn’t/won’t you answer those 5 questions?

Because until you answer them directly – the total of 9
responses you’ve made and are making is just spam.

1. Who is calling for a ‘National Gun ban’?
2. How many people can 1 person (unarmed) kill vs. 1 person
armed kill?
3. When 40% of guns are purchased via gun shows where no
background checks are mandated, how is that a ‘strict law’?
4. Show me where EVERY gun owner is trained just like you
5. Show me were President Obama has asked for legislation
banning all guns.

YOU are the one that brought them up.
Donald Jenkins

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10 thoughts on “Conversation with an obsessive/compulsive, ignorant Conservative : “I posted Earlier that There is a “National Gun Ban” in the works and was called a layer. So be it, Look at legislation in the senate right now on “Assault Weapons” is not a “National Ban”?(my bad)”

  1. Barneysday on said:

    You are asking for a rational response from an irrational individual. Chances are it’s never going to happen. These guys will never let actual facts get in the way of their inflammatory rhetoric rational discussion over differences of opinion will never replace their screaming falsehoods. They believe, falsely, that increasing volume equates to logical arguments.

    As I’ve referenced many times in the past, and this guy appears to clearly fit the bill, “You can’t fix stupid.”

    • LOL! I have absolutely NO expectation of a credible answer mostly because there isn’t a credible answer.
      He is just repeating talking points of Rush, Beck and FOX.
      I get these type of response almost on a daily basis and I usually just ignore them in the spam folder.
      but 13?!
      That’s starting to be a serious obsession.

      • Barneysday on said:

        I’ve not experienced the numbers you have, but certainly have had my share of “wing nuts” attacking some of my posts. I know what you’re experiencing.

        Keep up the good work, you know your doing it right when these nut cases come out of their dens.

      • It’s not really a problem because all I do is just ignore it. But it is annoying and frustrating.
        I would be nice to have an intelligent and reasoned response. And actually it’s very much needed.

  2. If it were my blog, I would approve comments like that (and I had comments like that, occasionally). Sometimes, the best way to prove someone’s stupidity and irrationality, is to just let them talk.

  3. Dear Fatherkane – – – there is no possibility of intelligent debate with someone who has been obsessed with the far radical right because they have been subjected to radical media brainwash for going on 40 years now – – – almost everyone of them that I have tried to reason with operates from an immoveable position I call “locked in thinking” and no matter what, they are always right and everyone else is always wrong and they always have the “Real” facts to back themselves up (Facts that have been constructed by right wing radical thinkers to work in the situations they encounter.) I have never seen such skilled revisionists in all my life as some of those who dwell in the misty realm of contrived reality that I call “Rightie Land.”

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