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Did you ever wonder who makes the decision on whether or not a law or regulation is constitutional? I think I’ve found the answer: Five county sheriffs in Montana.

Yes – Five county sheriffs in Montana. You probably won’t find that information in any textbook – but aren’t textbooks mostly a tool from the educated left to keep the righties down…

According to a story by the Associated Press, “Sheriffs in at least five Montana counties are resisting new federal gun regulations.”

One Montana Sheriff said that “he won’t enforce any ‘unconstitutional’ federal gun regulations” and others said they wouldn’t help the Feds when they come to confiscate our AR-10 upper’s, guns and rifles.

An e-mail was sent from two Montana sheriffs to their counterparts across the state “urging them to refuse to enforce or to permit the enforcement of any new federal gun regulations.”

And I thought…

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  1. Reblogged this on American Liberal Times and commented:
    I thought sheriffs were supposed to swear an oath to “uphold and defend” The Constitution?
    Maybe they have their own ideas of what a “Kon-Stee-Too-Shun” should be like.
    Maybe some of them forgot that Federal Law supersedes state and local law and that sheriffs can get arrested if they break the law – – just like anyone else.
    This blog post from “The Last Of The Milleniums” needs reading by as many people as can read it because it may hold some keys to the kind of nation we might be looking at if those who are sworn to uphold the law start trying to make laws of their own.

    • This is happening in several places. It’s a spin off on nullification. And of course Unconstitutional. Once again back to the beginnings of our Republic – the Federalists vs. the Anti Federalists.

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