The Last Of The Millenniums

Just because it always has been, doesn't mean it always will be

UPDATE # 4 – The Citadel: Gun-Loving ‘Americans Signing Up to Live in Idaho Fortress Community’


From the ‘castle fortress’ in Benwah County, Idaho.

‘Announcement soon’
‘III Arms Company should have an announcement up in the next week or so regarding ‘internal’ business’.
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With all of the bad pr they’ve been getting, they need to start answering questions, providing actual facts on backing and funding.

Well to all of us who aren’t ‘real’ ‘Patriots’.

And a little out take from them.

Concrete is a great conductor of heat and cold. They will have to really crank up the heat in the Winter to fend off the cold concrete walls up to the point where the walls could be ‘dripping’.

And who isn’t looking forward to a ‘composting toilet’ in their house?

“Hon. Is that chicken I smell?”

“No just the toilet again!”

For a 1/2 acre, 1200 sq. ft ‘home’ with 15′ X 30′ workshop, my ‘lease’ would be $780 a month. (Paid off in only 30 years)

‘Citadel Housing Cost Calculator’
‘Every Citadel home will come with a 2,500 gallon water tank’.

‘A one year supply of food for either 1 or 2 adults’.

‘1 or 2 AR15-variant rifles and 1,000 rounds of ammunition per rifle’.

‘A generator’.

‘A composting toilet’.

‘A vault’.

‘A protective Safe Room’.

‘If you are bringing more than 2 adults, additional ARs, ammunition and food will be added for a tiny fee’.

‘Remember, your home requires zero down payment, zero interest, no background check and no credit check… and your Lease is for Life’.
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(Yet on this site – –   they say this – “Step Six: You will be informed if your application has been approved or denied somewhere between 120-180 days after submitting your application”.

“Step Seven: Once you have been approved, you must finalize the details of your custom home, including square footage, lot size, et cetera. You will be required to begin paying 25% of your full lease price 90 days after your application has been approved. Once the Construction Team breaks ground on your residence, you will be required to pay 1/2 of the lease price each month”.

Ummmmm. I guess to ‘Patriots’, paying 25% and 50% before you move in isn’t a ‘down payment’. )

‘All homes will be built of poured concrete for exceptional strength and durability. Your home will be built to your specs (details available at this website) with utilities stubbed to the interior’.

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