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Conversation with a ‘Conservative’ – Part 2 – “I am amazed at just how many so called “Educated” People think a National Gun ban is going to stop gun crime”.

gun nuts accidently

A couple of thoughts for ‘Don’.
1. Who is calling for a ‘National Gun ban’?
2. How many people can 1 person (unarmed) kill vs. 1 person armed kill?
3. When 40% of guns are purchased via gun shows where no background checks are mandated, how is that a ‘strict law’?
4. Show me where EVERY gun owner is trained just like you are.
5. Show me were President Obama has asked for legislation banning all guns.

‘Don’ is not as ignorant as Jimbob was but still is like wathcing FOX ‘news’.
Takes a fact and skews it.
Skew it back at ’em.
Show me where your ‘fact’ is an actual fact.

Oh and ‘Don’, I didn’t approve your comments as you spamed me.
5 different comments all along the same vein. wrote : “I am amazed at just how many so called “Educated” People think a National Gun ban is going to stop gun crime”.

Me – Don, here’s the problem.
You need to educate yourself.
Aside from yourself and others on the extreme right, no one serious is talking about a ‘National Gun ban’.
What IS being talked about are banning/restricting certain weapons. Military style assault weapons. Clips carring more then 10 rounds.
We have great police forces to protect our communities and a great military to protect our Nation.
We are not in armed conflict with anyone within our Nation again except for those on the extreme right who think the Government is trying to ‘take my guns’.
Much like you seem to think with your ‘National Gun ban’.
Will it stop crime? No. We don’t live in a perfect World. But it will begin to lessen the chances of more Sandy Hooks. wrote : ” The true issue is the person with a gun, not the gun its self”.

Me – Really.
OK. Take the gun out of the person’s hand.
How many people can he kill until he (generic) is stopped?

Now put a 6 shot revolver in that person’s hand.
How many people can he kill until he’s stopped?

Now put a AR15 w/a 30 round clip in that person’s hand.
How many people can he kill before he’s stopped?

So Don, without a gun, maybe 1 person is killed. With a revolver, maybe 6 are killed. With the AR15, maybe 30 are killed.
Seeing a trend here Donny boy?

It IS the gun. wrote : “Strict Laws are on the books now, enforce what is there and make stiff mandatory sentencing, capital punishment, and allow people to have the guns they need to protect themselves”.

Me – Don where are the ‘strict laws’ at gun shows? Private sales?
You might be a responsible person but we need background checks on EVERYONE – with ALL gun sales.
You yourself say in a later post that ‘criminals won’t follow the law’ so making the punishment more severe isn’t the answer.
Getting/keeping guns out of the hands (as mush as possible) for those who shouldn’t have guns is the reason.
It’s not a perfect World but it’s a start to making us all safer.
And background checks/militaty assault bans and high capicity clips does not in any way stop good, law abiding citizens from owning the weapons needed for their protection.
Again we have great police forces. wrote : ” It is not the way a gun looks or how many rounds it can hold, that makes it lethal. I was trained to strict, exact standards of engagement. 1 well placed shot,1 kill! I can engage at ranges from a few feet to several hundred yards with the same results”.

Me – As to the how a gun looks or how many rounds it can hold does not make it lethal see above. Yes it does.

Now tell me Don how many gun owners are trained as you?
1 out of 1000?
1 out of 10,000?
1 out of 100,000?
The vast majority of gun owners go to a target range and think they are ‘Rambos’.
Firing at a static target that doesn’t fire back. wrote : ” Allow the law abiding People to keep and bare arms, this is a right as old as the Nation its self”.

Me – Nobody serious is stopping ‘law abiding people to keep and bare arms’.
How does making background checks for all gun sales stop ‘law abiding people?
How does banning military assault weapons stop ‘law abiding people’?
How does banning high capicity clips stop ‘law abiding people’?

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One thought on “Conversation with a ‘Conservative’ – Part 2 – “I am amazed at just how many so called “Educated” People think a National Gun ban is going to stop gun crime”.

  1. I can see you lean hard left, that’s your right. I served to protect and defend that right for you. I have only to say that I know that the number of “well Trained” people are few. Saying this I also say have you ever been in a true life and death situation? Where you had to kill or be killed? Have you ever been under “Direct Fire”? Do you know how many rounds it will take you or the average person to neutralizer a threat?
    The truth is No One dose. Even a trained Person can get “Rattled” under fire. What do you do if there are more than one or two intruders? I know from Personal Experience that there are times that 10 rounds just aren’t enough.
    As to some of the safety concerns versus “Wonderful” police protection. I live in a rule area where there can be as much as a 20 minuet response time. Look at national stats a “Violent Home Invasion” where a person is raped, killed, or worse is over in a very short time. I Admire and Respect my local Police, they do a great job. I have Family members that do this job and do it well.
    I prefer to be able to protect myself along with the help they provide. I am not going to go into my depth of training, as to my Weapons being trained, all I have to say is they are as well trained as the operator of them.
    All of my Weapons are registered, I have had many back ground checks done on myself and family with NO Problems.
    I Personally hate a revolver, I prefer a Semi Auto. If I chose an AR15 or an AK47 (Semi. Auto. Version) with 2 30 round mag’s. so what? People like me are NOT the issue at hand. I see ANY ban. on any Semi. Auto. as an INFRINGEMENT on my Second Amendment rights.
    As to being at war, let me ask you this. Do you live in the south west? take Texas for example how many drug runners come across the border each day? How many are armed and armed well? Our Borders are not secure and neither is our Country. If I am facing a “MOB” of drug smugglers do I want an AR 15 or a Revolver? Or better still do I call 911 and hope and pray they get to me before I am “Worm Food”?
    No this is not a Perfect place, I do not know of any such place. It is my Home and BY GOD I will defend it! Down to the last Round, Arrow, and Man!
    Being a “Gun Owner” carries a great deal of responsibility. I am the one that has to stand and account for what my guns are used for, when and for what reason.
    As to Strict laws: Look to Florida, the 10 20 life is a good starting place. Its 100% clear and final!
    There is one more thing I will say, and its a quote from Martin Luther King. “Everything Hitler did in Germany was Legal Too” see a pattern here?

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