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Gun Nuts Out Of Control – Even To Republicans! – ‘DOH! Open Microphone Reveals GOP’s REAL Feelings About ‘Crazy’ Pro-Gun Bill

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‘A year ago, the Republican-led Iowa House of Representatives introduced two extreme pro-gun bills that, in the words of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, “would turn Iowa into the Wild, Wild West”.

‘And it was done in a way that didn’t allow for amendments to the bills, which caused Iowa’s Democratic Caucus to stage a six-hour walkout’.

‘One of the bills included “stand-your-ground” legislation, and the other was an open-carry-without-a-permit constitutional amendment allowing Iowans to “acquire, keep, possess, transport, carry, transfer and use arms to defend life and liberty and for all other legitimate purposes,’’ similar to Alaska’s gun regulation, giving it the nickname, “The Alaska Bill”.

‘These bills passed Iowa’s House but were stifled in Iowa’s Democratic-controlled Senate. And now, in the wake of hyperfocused gun legislation, Republicans are once again attempting to revive the bill’.

‘But are their hearts really in it’?

‘Do they really believe it would be the best thing for Iowa’?

‘Or do they perhaps think it’s a bad and dangerous idea’?

‘The Des Moines Register recently pointed out an interesting conversation amongst Iowa’s Republican leaders – a conversation they didn’t know was being overheard due to a live microphone’.

‘Majority Whip Erik Helland, who is on a subcommittee assigned to the controversial bill, laments over how he was blasted in a blog about the bill during the earwigged conversation. He then goes on to complain about his part in the Alaska bill’:

“I’m the dirty hatchet man for the [Republican] caucus. Something nobody wants to do, some dirty, nasty job. I’m the one who gets dropped in. You know why? Because I’m expendable.”

‘Speaker pro tem, Jeff Kaufmann, sympathizes with Helland’s plight, calling the Alaska Bill, “the crazy, give-a-handgun-to-a-schizophrenic bill.”

‘At that point, someone – an aide, perhaps – rushes to the rescue, informing the unwitting Republicans that their off-the-cuff conversation is being overheard via a hot mic, and the conversation comes to a quick halt’.
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One thought on “Gun Nuts Out Of Control – Even To Republicans! – ‘DOH! Open Microphone Reveals GOP’s REAL Feelings About ‘Crazy’ Pro-Gun Bill

  1. I am amazed at just how many so called “Educated” People think a National Gun ban is going to stop gun crime. The true issue is the person with a gun, not the gun its self. Strict Laws are on the books now, enforce what is there and make stiff mandatory sentencing, capital punishment, and allow people to have the guns they need to protect themselves. It is not the way a gun looks or how many rounds it can hold, that makes it lethal. I was trained to strict, exact standards of engagement. 1 well placed shot,1 kill! I can engage at ranges from a few feet to several hundred yards with the same results. Allow the law abiding People to keep and bare arms, this is a right as old as the Nation its self.

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