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Conversation With A Conservative – Part 1 – Why America Is Failing – The Politics of Hate and Ignorance

sto be

I’m going to be very disrespectful to this ‘conservative’ that responded to a post I wrote :

These were the 23 Executive Orders that President Obama signed regarding ‘gun control’.

Of course none of them were ‘controled’. And in fact, the President couldn’t ‘control’ any guns.

That type of action would have to be legislative.

It was just amazing to me the ignorance this person displayed about current events, history and our Government.

This person does represent the Conservative movement and by defaault, the Republican Party.

A minority to be sure but one that over the last 3 years we have seen, tells the majority what they will do.
Jim Ellis – ‘There he goes again, using children as mere stage props.

ME – (The children or ‘stage props’ as you called them, were 4 that had written President Obama re: the shootings’.
Please see America Blog where there is a wonderful story over how Republicans have used children in photo ops also.)
– – – – – – –
Jim Ellis – (Remember the fake doctors in white lab coats?)

ME – You mean the 150 real doctors who some forgot/didn’t bring ‘lab coats’ as requested?
See :
– – – – – – –
Jim Ellis – Hey, The One’s in good company; Stalin, Mao, Hitler and others did the same thing to great effect. So, why shouldn’t he do the same, right?

ME – (GRINS!) The only people who refer to the President as ‘The One’ are uninformed right wing fanatics. Look in a mirror if you wonder who they are.
Terms like that add nothing to the conversation so why do you use them?
Makes you feel like a big man?
It does show you have nothing intelligent to add.
Now as to Stalin, Mao and Hitler – Did they also have doctors wear ‘lab coats’?
It’s the only reason I can see you mentioned them.
– – – – – – –

Jim Ellis – Instead of providing these kids the same armed security his own children get, Obama exploits them to advance his own liberal political agenda.

ME – Actually the agents in the school are unarmed. Also, we the people via acts in Congress are the ones, knowing the importance, provide family members of the President with protection.
I’m confused as to who you think President Obama is ‘exploiting’ – his children or all other children?
– – – – – – –

Jim Ellis – Sadly, these kids will have to return to schools that are gun-free, except for predators, naturally. No armed guards or teachers allowed to carry concealed protection, and none of his 23 legislative proposals and executive actions will provide them.

ME – You’re right. We don’t live in a perfect World.
But do we want to raise our children in an America that stands for ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’, the ‘greatest Nation in the World’ where we have to have armed guards in our schools?
– – – – – – –
OK. You really need to learn how our Government works. President Obama’s 23 Executive orders and not legislative proposals.
And if you were not blinded by ideological hate and ignorance, he does propose funding for additional police that can/will be used to add security to schools.
– – – – – – –
Jim Ellis, God forbid, we have another Sandy Hook, the blood will be on his hands.

ME – The blood will be on the hands of the shooter. A shooter with a weapon.
– – – – – – –
Jim Ellis And why no mention yesterday of the rampant violence which permeates the movie industry? No “executive action” or proposal to at least consider that may be part of the problem. Oh, I forgot, it was his pals in Hollywood who helped get him reelected, and who received all those juicy tax breaks to avoid paying their “fair share.” What a blazing hypocrite.

ME – Again – learn how our Government actually works. Any action such as the ‘Practice Range’ app the NRA just put out, allowing the players to ‘shoot’ at coffin shaped targets, would fall under regulatory.
And that has to be legislative.
– – – – – – –
It is good to be passoinate about what you believe in. With your rant however, you show a good deal of ignorance re: the workings of our Government.
Also flaming ideology adds nothing.
Check it at the door.
Try to get informed and present intelligent arguments.

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3 thoughts on “Conversation With A Conservative – Part 1 – Why America Is Failing – The Politics of Hate and Ignorance

  1. Barneysday on said:

    Thank you for sharing this conversation. Sadly, it’s no surprise how many downright ignorant people there are out there spouting off such foolishness. It’s bad enough that these people are suspected of being stupid; it’s sad when they open their mouth and prove it.

  2. I want to see something very different for a change. I want to see a Native American Indian week! This People was treated worse than any other in our Nations history and yet we do not say a word about it or them. The Native American Indians have done so much to help this country, why not give something back for a change? Who knows of the “Trail of Tears”? Black Kettle? The Navajoes cod talkers? I can go on and on but you get the point. Land stolen by the White Man, Lied to and left to die on a Reservation. Yet the American Indian lives on, still doing his part in this Great Nation and aiding in our growth and sharing the American way of life.

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