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Sunday picks – ‘There’s always next year’


I came 2 field goals away from having a great weekend. Oh well.
I think Seattle, San Fran and St Louis will dominate the NFC for the next 10 years. All have greast QB’s and fairly young teams. Keep rotating running backs and they should be all at or near the top every year.

Peyton is the 3rd QB to try to get to the Super Bowl with a different team. Kurt Warner is ther only one to do it and came 1 pass away from doing it.

Regular season
Total 154 – 100
So for the year = 60%
Crapy year.
Now for the playoffs……
This week – 1 – 3

The best I can do is 5 – 6.

This year sucked.

Or at least my picks did.

This weekend…….

San Fran @ Atlanta – Pick – San Fran
They are doing things they shouldn’t be able to. Atlanta just got by seattle.

Baltimore @ New England – Pick New England


Last weekend…….
38……..35 – Loss – ppppffffttttttttttttttt!!!!
Baltimore @ Denver – Pick – Denver
Baltimore ‘did enough to win’ last week. Peyton wants a ring.
31…….45 – Loss – GB may want Flynn back.
Green Bay @ San Fran – Pick – Green Bay
28….to….30 – Loss – 1 fricking FG!
Seattle @ Atlanta – Pick – Seattle
The week off hurts Atlanta more then the two injured players Seattle has.

28….to….41 – Win
Houston @ New England – Pick – New England
Setting up Peyton v. Brady.

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