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‘Dad threatens to “spill blood” over way kindergarteners say Pledge’

guns in schools

‘The Daily Herald (in suburban Chicago)’:

‘Colin McGroarty said Wednesday it was the first time he was there to hear the kindergartners say the Pledge of Allegiance’.

‘He thought he heard the word “liberty” removed’.

‘But more importantly, he said, was that the pledge was immediately followed by students’ recitation of the school creed. In it, students are asked to treat others with respect, follow school and classroom rules and “to try their best.” He said he was upset they pledged this while still holding their hands over their hearts and facing the U.S. flag’.

‘There should be a break between the pledges, he said, and students should not be facing the flag’.

‘He called it “conditioning a child” to blindly obey authority without knowing what is in the rules they are promising to obey. “In the beginning of the Hitler Youth movement, people made similar promises,” McGroarty said’.

‘When he emailed school officials that he had “spilled blood before” and would do so again to defend freedom, McGroarty said, he was not threatening violence; he was speaking as a military veteran who had sworn to protect the U.S. and defend its Constitution. Veterans, he said, will understand that’.

‘Yeah, the crazy ones’.

‘Interesting that the article doesn’t mention whether “blood-spilling” dad owns a gun. Outbursts like this should be immediate cause to lose any right to own a gun’.

‘If the gun nuts are serious about cracking down on “the crazy,” then let’s start with the crazies in their midst. Because there sure seem to be a lot of them’.
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