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Why America Is Failing – ‘Ohio School Board Votes To Arm School Janitors’

janitors with guns1

See World!

THIS is why we are the ‘greatest’ Nation on Earth.

We arm our janitors in our schools to ‘protect’ our children.

‘The Montpelier Exempted Village Schools Board of Education in Montelier, Ohio voted unanimously on Wednesday night to allow handgun training for four custodians, who will then tote firearms on the school’s campus’.
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7 thoughts on “Why America Is Failing – ‘Ohio School Board Votes To Arm School Janitors’

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  2. Barneysday on said:

    What an utterly sad state of affairs we’ve allowed our country to become when schools become armed camps, no matter who is carrying the guns.

  3. Wayne Mohrhauser on said:

    I’m a liberal. I voted for Obama and every liberal dempcratic candidate I could in this last election. Having said that, I find you religious devotion to the abolition of firearm ownership (and really now, that is what you want) to be an outright attack on the Constitution.
    LOOK, for once, at history. We are a violent species. We are a violent society in a violent world. Our history is shaped by violence because history is always written by the victors. We have ben taught through out time that violence is the ultimate solution to any problem we might perceive.
    We will not solve any, ANY, problem with gun control. If we can’t change our way of thinking – and for now that is impossible – the issue of violence will not go away.
    People demand simple solutions for complex problems – pass a law and the problem will go away. Amaizingly the problem never goes away, so we pass another law. Stupidity repeats itself and you, YOU, are helping it along.

    • One problem.
      I’m a gun owner.
      And unlike you, I think if we don’t try to make gun ownership a responsibility rather then a ‘right’, that will make us a failure.
      Just being weak willed humans doesn’t make us bad.
      Not trying to be better does.

      • Wayne Mohrhauser on said:

        Either I didn’t make myself clear or you didn’t understand what I was saying. Yes, gun ownership is a right, but a right that comes with responsibilities. It’s called accountability. A person may own a gun, but is responsible for what the gun is used for. A person can own a bottle of booze, but is responsible for the lives lost when the booze is drunk and the intoxicated person kills someone else. The booze wasn’t the problem, it’s usage was. The gun isn’t the problem, how it is used criminally – is. Gun registration has never been proven to work. Why? Because criminals never seem too inclined to register their fire arms. Here’s a question. How many people were killed last year by drunk drivers? How many were killed with “assault” rifles. in that same time period?? And of the people killed by drunk drivers, how many of those drunk drivers now walk the street or are driving today?? How many still drive drunk even after losing their license?? Why are they even allowed to drive cars?? How many people are killed each year as a result of inattentive drivers (the numbers are higher than drunk drivers)?
        My point is this: Gun registration does not work. Passing a law does not make a problem go away. We have more and bigger problems to solve that a relatively few “assault” rifles. Human beings are not “weak willed”, but we are lasy. We don’t want to do meaningful work for a real solution, we just want someone else to fix the problem while we hide our heads in the sand.

      • So now that you know I’m a gun owner – I guess I no longer have a ‘religious devotion to getting rid of guns’.
        I’m am sorry for you. I and millions more aren’t just going to give up because a passing a law won’t solve the problem.
        You can teach responsibility. You can start, at the very least make the effort to begin to stop America being the most armed Country in the World.
        And comparing drunk drivers to guns?
        It’s the driver of the car’s fault.
        It’s the person drinking’s fault.
        Cars and booze are made for transportation and well to be polite, relaxing.
        A gun it made for one purpose and one purpose only.
        To kill.
        You can’t legislate a perfect World. You can legislate responsibility.
        So lets.
        You don’t need a military assault weapon with a 30 round clip to shoot deer.
        Ban ’em.
        We have a police force for our safety in the community. Again you can’t have a perfect World.
        We have a military to protect our Nation.

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