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‘Vigilante dad pretends he’s mass-murderer to test grade school security’


‘A vigilante dad went to his son’s grade school and pretended he was a mass-murdering gunman, in order to test the school’s security’.

‘Yeah, what could go wrong with that’?

‘It’s almost a surprise that more events like this haven’t happened around the US, but the year is still young. A lot of parents have to be concerned about the safety of their kids but this may not be the ideal way to address the issue’.

‘The vigilante father is now facing third degree felony charges’.

‘School officials said Ronald Miller went to Celina Elementary School, where his child is a student, on Wednesday and claimed to have a gun’.

‘Administrators said Miller first approached a school greeter with whom he was acquainted and said he had a gun’.

“He told her he was a gunman and his target was on the inside — and ‘I’m going inside. What are you going to do about it?’” Superintendent Donny O’Dell said’.

‘O’Dell says the school greeter froze in panic, allowing Miller to walk through the school’s front door while children were entering the building for the school day…’.

‘Miller then entered the office and made similar threats, he said’.

“He told them that he is a shooter and ‘you’re dead, and you’re dead,’” O’Dell said’.
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3 thoughts on “‘Vigilante dad pretends he’s mass-murderer to test grade school security’

  1. Reblogged this on American Liberal Times and commented:
    As I was reading this post on “The Last of The Milleniums” I thought to myself, “Yeah! I knew it was coming! I knew that somewhere along the line someone might try to test the system to see how it works and now here is someone facing felony charges.
    I guess it was inevitable!
    I find the fact that the school person being confronted by the person claiming to be a gunman on a mission of carnage inside the school “Froze In Panic.”
    I am pretty sure that since teachers and principals and other school personnel are not trained to be “killers” there will probably be a lot of stories about people freezing in panic if ever (God forbid) there should be another gun-related incident at a school somewhere.
    I think the “Froze In Panic” scene described in this blog post by “The Last of The Milleniums” is a prime reason for forget all about what I consider to be the insane notion of arming teachers and school personnel with weapons.

    • And the other side of the coin is if/when teachers/greeters/janitors are armed and having no actual live combat (and someone assaulting a building IS combat) experience are confronted, they may very well over react – a shoot an angry parent, angry student.
      Adding weapons is not an answer.

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