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Birtherism to the ‘bitter’ end – ‘An open letter to the honorable chief justice’ – ‘Exclusive: Craige McMillan urges John Roberts to refuse to administer Obama’s oath’


It is truly sad to see people who have such vile hatred of a man simply because of the color of his skin.

Of course the WND is a joke in and of itself even before recently naming Rep. Michele (BatShit Crazy) Bachmann their ‘Woman of the Year’.

But let them keep hating America. And the more AMerica sees of it, maybe the Republican Party will finally understand – hate isn’t policy.
“Dear Mr. Roberts”,

“When you administered the oath of office to Barack Obama for his first term as president, you could have been excused for believing that Mr. Obama was qualified under the Constitution to hold the office of president, which he had sought and won. After all, Obama’s opponent, John McCain, never raised the issue of Mr. Obama’s qualifications”.

“Now that Mr. Obama has been re-elected and is preparing to serve a second term of office, there can be no doubt regarding his qualifications. This is because by Mr. Obama’s own admission, his father was of Kenyan nationality and perhaps holding British citizenship as well”.

“If you choose the easy course of ignoring our Constitution, it does not change the fact that Mr. Obama is barred by that same Constitution from acting as president”.

“I am sure that if you turn your judicial mind to the ramifications of this fraud, both foreign and domestic, you will understand that the harm you will have done insures your impeachment and eternal dishonor at some point down the road: If not this House of Representatives, then the next, or the next, or the next”.

“These things do not end well. One need only look to the aftermath of World War II and the Nuremberg Trials to see what awaits. Illegal wars. Illegal debts. Illegal laws. Will the rest of the Supreme Court’s justices, now knowing they are violating their own oath of office, continue the sham through a second presidential term”?

“Given the gravity of this situation, we therefore urge you to take the honorable course of action and refuse to administer the oath of office to Mr. Obama. And yes, this will also require you to explain to the nation in the clearest possible terms why you have been compelled to take this most extraordinary action”.

“Thank you, Mr. Chief Justice, for your consideration”.
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