The Last Of The Millenniums

Just because it always has been, doesn't mean it always will be

Stories from the fringe – ‘Leading Conservative Religious Organization Warns That Christians Will Soon Be Treated Like Blacks In Jim Crow Era’


The really strange thing is what the AFA fears will happen… what they want to do.

They want us to be a ‘Christian Nation’ as THEY define Christianity.

As a follower of Buddha, I would not be able to practice my belief openly.

‘The American Family Association, a top conservative Christian organization, emailed members today with a dire warning that, within 50 years, Christians will be treated like African Americans during the Jim Crow era’.

‘The full email’:

‘What will religion look like in the year 2060’?

‘Conservative Christians will be treated as second class citizens, much like African Americans were prior to civil rights legislation in the 1960s’.

‘Family as we know it will be drastically changed with the state taking charge of the children beginning at birth’.

‘Marriage will include two, three, four or any number of participants. Marriage will not be important, with individuals moving in and out of a “family” group at will’.

‘Churchbuildings will be little used, with many sold to secular buyers and the money received going to the government’.

‘Churches will not be allowed to discuss any political issues, even if it affects the church directly’.

‘Tax credit given to churches and non-profit organizations will cease’.

‘Christian broadcasting will be declared illegal based on the separation of church and state. The airwaves belong to the government, therefore they cannot be used for any religious purpose’.

‘We will have, or have had, a Muslim president’.

‘Cities with a name from the Bible such as St. Petersburg, Bethlehem, etc. will be forced to change their name due to separation of church and state’.

‘Groups connected to any religious affiliation will be forced out of health care. Health centers get tax money from the state, making it a violation of church and state’.

‘Get involved! Sign THE STATEMENT’.


Donald E. Wildmon
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