The Last Of The Millenniums

Just because it always has been, doesn't mean it always will be

You wrote : “Continued fighting over what’s been done has gotten us to this place of extreme partisanship”.
If I read nothing else the rest of the year – you have made my year.

The Educability of Perch

In Process … Pt. 3

***Warning*** Contents past this point may expand the mind beyond normal capacity.

*** Proceed with caution ***

Letter to Playthell Benjamin (con’t)

Continued from In Process … Pt. 2.

By Katrina Taylor

I want to have this conversation on race. But only when there’s the opportunity for real communication and healing which is needed on all “sides”. Just because the White people “have everything” doesn’t mean they’re not suffering as is evidenced by the high levels of neuroses, psychoses & pathological behavior, quiet as it may be kept. Everyone is suffering varying degrees of psychoses trying to pretend that untruths are true. It doesn’t work for anyone.

I’m willing to go as deep as it gets because I’m clear on the reality. There are no superior people. We all experience superior moments, mediocre moments, and down-right fucked-up moments.

In the big picture, everybody really is…

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