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Tea Party Intelligence Report (pun not intended) – ‘Tea Party Leader: Romney Was ‘The Worst Candidate In History’

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Judson Phillips is the leader of Tea Party Nation.

‘Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips on Thursday disputed that President Obama claimed a mandate in November’s election, arguing that his re-election victory came over “the worst candidate in history in Mitt Romney.”

“You know, Obama ran on the fact he was going to raise taxes, the Republicans put up the worst candidate in history in Mitt Romney, yet Obama allegedly has this mandate,” Phillips said during an appearance on MSNBC. “Well, why did Republicans keep the House if Obama has this great mandate? People don’t want their taxes going up. What people do want is spending cuts.”
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‘Polls: Voters Want Debt Limit Deal to Cut Spending and Raise Taxes’.
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Or …..

‘Poll: Americans Want A Fiscal Cliff Deal Without Spending Cuts’
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Ummmm. Do you teach your children these precious values of honor, integrity, courage of your convictions?

Judson Phillips say Mitt Romney was ‘worst candidate in history’.

Judson Phillips on HIS Tea Party Nation site :

‘The alternative to Mitt Romney’
‘Posted by Judson Phillips on August 12, 2012 at 8:05am in Tea Party Nation Forum’

“This is a battle for the soul and future of America. It is literally a battle between good and evil. It is a battle between those who revere America and the liberty and freedom it stands for and those who worship at the altar of socialism and the inevitable tyranny that follows with socialism”.

“I endorse Mitt Romney for President and Paul Ryan for Vice President. I encourage every Tea Party member and conservative to go out and support them, work for them”.
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