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Gun Control – Stop trying to make a ‘perfect’ solution – ‘Should People Be Forced to Buy Liability Insurance for their Guns’?

gun contgrol

Stop trying to find ‘perfect’ solutions to gun control or anything else for that matter.

We are never – ever – going to ‘control’ criminal behavior.

We are humans. We are not perfect. Don’t expect us to be or live perfectly.

As to would insurance be ONE of several ideas worth promoting…..

Just like auto insurance. If I’m a responsible gun owner, no charges, take (and I think these should be annual) required firearms courses, have weapons with less then 10 rounds, have non assult weapons and keep my guns either triger locked or locked up in cedrtified gun cabnets, then I have a low rate.

Don’t take the class – rate goes way up.

Want/have to have 30 round clips (if not banned) – rate goes way up.

Want/have to have military assault weapons (if not banned) – rate goes way up with each weapon.

As a gun owner – I wouldn’t have a problem with this.

And considering the financial benefits to especially medical care but also loss of time at work to anyone who was shot, I can’t imagine why anyone would object.

Oh yeah. ‘The goberment is coming to take my guns’.

No Herman. We are a civilized society. Supposedly the ‘greatest Nation on Earth’. And we need laws for those who don’t want to act civilized.

‘Novel gun control ideas continue to percolate through the commentariat. The latest idea is requiring liability insurance for gun owners, which seems to have first been suggested by John Wasik blogging at Forbes’.

‘Reihan Salam, one of my favorite thinkers, says it’s an idea seriously worth considering. I too have been mulling this since it started making the rounds, mostly because I’ve been spending a fair amount of time thinking about insurance for the book I’m writing’.

‘In the end, I think it might be a fine idea to help a small number of people, but it wouldn’t do what proponents are imagining in terms of controlling criminal behavior’.
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2 thoughts on “Gun Control – Stop trying to make a ‘perfect’ solution – ‘Should People Be Forced to Buy Liability Insurance for their Guns’?

  1. Barneysday on said:

    Taking a slightly different vein, I’m sick to death of those wringing their hands, decrying there are so many millions of guns and high capacity clips out there, that there is nothing we can do. Baloney! Since when is a problem too big to undertake its resolution? Wailing that there’s too many assault weapons out there, thus we should do nothing, is the largest form of cowardice. We have to start somewhere!

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