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Sunday picks – The Seahawks only get 1 Pro Bowl pick Edition


Oh smack! Only 1 pick?
The teams they play may well pay….

There’s really only a couple of games that are important but in for a penny, in for a pound……

Seattle , Washington and Green Bay are rolling. If they all win Sunday, I wouldn’t want to face any of them in the first round…..

Dallas @ Washington – Pick – Washington
1st ‘Game of the Week’
They are on a roll. Will RG3’s Pro Bowl pick give him a big head and blow the games?

Chicago @ Detroit – Pick – Chicago
Even with a win, they need help.

Houston @ Indy – Pick – Houston
Houston is fighting for home field through out. Indy should rest some regulars for the first round.

Green Bay @ Minnesota – Pick – Green Bay
GB can’t ‘win’ anything but doesn’t want to go into round 1 with a loss.

Arizona @ San Fran – Pick San Fran
San Fran feeling Seattle’s ‘footsteps’.

St. Louis @ Seattle – Pick – Seattle
StL beat Seattle earlier this year. How they paly sets them up for the playoffs.

Phily @ NY Giants – Pick – NY Giants
A whole lot of teams would have to lose for the Giants to get in if they even win.

NY Jets @ Buffalo – Pick – Buffalo
The Jets will look a lot differet next year. Step one : get rid of Tebow. Step two : get rid of Ryan.

Tampa Bay @ Atlanta – Pick – Atlanta
Atlanta has the bye in the first round so they can’t rest their regulars and you want the win going into the playoffs.

Jacksonville @ Tennessee – Pick – Tennessee
Thanks for the memories Matt.

Cleveland @ Pittsburgh – Pick – Pittsburgh
Hust because.

Baltimore @ Cincinnati – Pick – Cincinnati
Baltimore’s already in and needs to rest up some injuries.

Miami @ New England – Pick – New England
Again just the win going in + hope for a Denver loss to get home field and round 1 bye.

Carolina @ New Orleans – Pick – New Orleans
Cam needs to go to another team. NO looking forward to next year.

Oakland @ San Diego – Pick – San Diego
Look for changes in SD next year. Coach or QB.

Kansas City @ Denver – Pick – Denver
Home field and round 1 bye.
Standings that matter

East W L Streak
y-New England 11 4 Won 1
Miami 7 8 Won 2

North W L Streak
y-Baltimore 10 5 Won 1
x-Cincinnati 9 6 Won 2
Pittsburgh 7 8 1 Lost 3

South W L Streak
y-Houston 12 3 2 Lost 1
x-Indianapolis 10 5 Won 1

West W L C Streak
y-Denver 12 3 1 Won 10

East W L Streak
Washington 9 6 Won 6
Dallas 8 7 1 Lost 1
N.Y. Giants 8 7 3 Lost 2

North W L C Streak
y-Green Bay 11 4 Won 4
Minnesota 9 6 Won 3
Chicago 9 6 Won 1

South W L C Streak
*-Atlanta 13 2 Won 2

West W L T Streak
x-San Francisco 10 4 1 Lost 1
x-Seattle 10 5 0 Won 4
x-clinched playoff berth
y-denotes division winner
z-denotes first-round bye
*-clinched homefield advantage

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