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Sunday picks – The Seahawks only get 1 Pro Bowl pick Edition


Oh smack! Only 1 pick?
The teams they play may well pay….

There’s really only a couple of games that are important but in for a penny, in for a pound……

Seattle , Washington and Green Bay are rolling. If they all win Sunday, I wouldn’t want to face any of them in the first round…..

Dallas @ Washington – Pick – Washington
1st ‘Game of the Week’
They are on a roll. Will RG3’s Pro Bowl pick give him a big head and blow the games?

Chicago @ Detroit – Pick – Chicago
Even with a win, they need help.

Houston @ Indy – Pick – Houston
Houston is fighting for home field through out. Indy should rest some regulars for the first round.

Green Bay @ Minnesota – Pick – Green Bay
GB can’t ‘win’ anything but doesn’t want to go into round 1 with a loss.

Arizona @ San Fran – Pick San Fran
San Fran feeling Seattle’s ‘footsteps’.

St. Louis @ Seattle – Pick – Seattle
StL beat Seattle earlier this year. How they paly sets them up for the playoffs.

Phily @ NY Giants – Pick – NY Giants
A whole lot of teams would have to lose for the Giants to get in if they even win.

NY Jets @ Buffalo – Pick – Buffalo
The Jets will look a lot differet next year. Step one : get rid of Tebow. Step two : get rid of Ryan.

Tampa Bay @ Atlanta – Pick – Atlanta
Atlanta has the bye in the first round so they can’t rest their regulars and you want the win going into the playoffs.

Jacksonville @ Tennessee – Pick – Tennessee
Thanks for the memories Matt.

Cleveland @ Pittsburgh – Pick – Pittsburgh
Hust because.

Baltimore @ Cincinnati – Pick – Cincinnati
Baltimore’s already in and needs to rest up some injuries.

Miami @ New England – Pick – New England
Again just the win going in + hope for a Denver loss to get home field and round 1 bye.

Carolina @ New Orleans – Pick – New Orleans
Cam needs to go to another team. NO looking forward to next year.

Oakland @ San Diego – Pick – San Diego
Look for changes in SD next year. Coach or QB.

Kansas City @ Denver – Pick – Denver
Home field and round 1 bye.
Standings that matter

East W L Streak
y-New England 11 4 Won 1
Miami 7 8 Won 2

North W L Streak
y-Baltimore 10 5 Won 1
x-Cincinnati 9 6 Won 2
Pittsburgh 7 8 1 Lost 3

South W L Streak
y-Houston 12 3 2 Lost 1
x-Indianapolis 10 5 Won 1

West W L C Streak
y-Denver 12 3 1 Won 10

East W L Streak
Washington 9 6 Won 6
Dallas 8 7 1 Lost 1
N.Y. Giants 8 7 3 Lost 2

North W L C Streak
y-Green Bay 11 4 Won 4
Minnesota 9 6 Won 3
Chicago 9 6 Won 1

South W L C Streak
*-Atlanta 13 2 Won 2

West W L T Streak
x-San Francisco 10 4 1 Lost 1
x-Seattle 10 5 0 Won 4
x-clinched playoff berth
y-denotes division winner
z-denotes first-round bye
*-clinched homefield advantage

2013 Predictions – Prediction #1 – The Tea Party Recession


The Tea Party – Ideology of hate over love of Country.

What I think is about to happen, is exactly what ‘limited Govertment’ is like and how it will create another recession (which some are still in).

The economy has slowly but steadily been coming back.
Too slow for some but it is making progress.

And then the election (Democrats winning) and all it would have taken was one small piece of legislation.

Extend the unemployment benefits and keep the tax rates for 98% of Americans the same while increasing (by a whole 4.6%) the rates on the top 2% of incomes.

See : ‘US poll finds majority of the wealthy ready to be taxed more’
“According to the poll, 67% of the top one percent wealthiest Americans said they are ready to be taxed more than middle class Americans. Support has grown since the elections from around 62% in July and 51% in the second quarter. The country’s top one percent consists of people who make more than $450,000 a year and favor themselves being taxed on income, irrespective of the taxes on the people with higher or lower incomes than theirs.
“There is an absolute willingness for the vast majority of the One Percent to take a tax increase,” said Jim TaylorJim Taylor, Vice Chairman Harrison Group. “What the Republicans think is not necessarily what their constituents think.”
@ :

But a small minority in the Republican House (40-60) will not compromise and refuse to raise taxes.

Speaker Boehner can’t get enough Republican votes to pass a piece of legislation so he won’t introduce it.

He even tried to just raise taxes on incomes over $1,000,000.
That would have effected 400,000 people in the United States.

Only 400,000 people!

The US population is 315,000,000 (give or take a few) vs. 400,000.

And those 40-60 tea baggers would not budge on raising taxes even on the 400,000 people with incomes over $1,000,000.

And yes it is time to blame Speaker Boehner. This should not have been a surprise as he has had to deal with this for 2 years now.

Leadeship would be to put the good of the Nation ahead of political ideology and cross the asile, find 60-100 Democratic votes so that a Nation that is trying to move ahead, won’t stay stagnant.

So Speaker Boehner won’t raise taxes on 400,000 making over a $1,000,000 and instead wants taxes raised on EVERYONE.

Because of this deadlock over ideology by Speaker Boehner, Consumer Confidence is declinging and the result was only a .7% increase in Holiday shopping.

Yesterday the Dow went from -150 to only -18 JUST on the news that Speaker Beohner had called the House back on Sunday night.

So Consumer Confidence is down, spending is down (the real job creators), the stock market is roller coasting and all because 40-60 tea baggers and Speaker John Boehner won’t raise taxes even on 400,000 people with incomes of over $1,000,000 but will raise taxes on the other 315,000,000 Americans who most live paycheck to paycheck.

And this is only the beginning.

The Republicans have already indicated that they will hold the debt ceiling as hostage. That will further erode Consumer Confidence, decrease spending and continue to undermine the markets and the Nations as well as the World’s economy.

And in March, the 40-60 teabaggers and Speaker Boehner will hold our Nations budget hostage, even to the point of shutting down the Government.


But the good news is after the new Congress is seated, the Republicans will vote to extend the Bush tax cuts saying that THEY are the Party that wants to cut taxes when the Democrats want to raise taxes (Something FOX will advertise 24 hours a day for the next several months as our economy sinks further and further, causing more and more suffering for the poor).


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