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Blog Running – ‘Obama to GOP: I’m done negotiating with myself’


‘Republican aides are circulating their summary of the White House’s opening bid on the fiscal cliff. They’re circulating it because they believe it fleshes out Speaker John Boehner’s complaint that “the White House has to get serious.”

‘Republicans are frustrated at the new Obama they’re facing: The Obama who refuses to negotiate with himself’.

‘That’s what you’re really seeing in this “proposal.”

‘Previously, Obama’s pattern had been to offer plans that roughly tracked where he thought the compromise should end up. The White House’s belief was that by being solicitous in their policy proposals, they would win goodwill on the other side, and even if they didn’t, the media would side with them, realizing they’d sought compromise and been rebuffed’.

‘They don’t believe that anymore’.

‘Perhaps the key lesson the White House took from the last couple of years is this: Don’t negotiate with yourself’.

‘If Republicans want to cut Medicare, let them propose the cuts’.

‘If they want to raise revenue through tax reform, let them identify the deductions’.

‘If they want deeper cuts in discretionary spending, let them settle on a number’.

‘And, above all, if they don’t like the White House’s preferred policies, let them propose their own. That way, if the White House eventually does give in and agree to some of their demands, Republicans will feel like they got one over on the president’.

‘A compromise isn’t measured by what you offer, it’s measured by what the other side feels they made you concede’.

‘The GOP is right: This isn’t a serious proposal’.

‘But it’s not evidence that Obama isn’t serious’.

‘He’s very serious about not negotiating with himself, and his opening bid proves it. Now that they’ve leaked his initial offer, the next question is obvious: What’s their offer’?
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