The Last Of The Millenniums

Just because it always has been, doesn't mean it always will be

Stories From The Fringe – ‘In New Novel, Glenn Beck Warns of Squirrel-Worshipping Socialists’

The title alone will make it an instant ‘best seller’ with teabaggers and others angry and afraid that not only are the commies coming, now the socialists are coming too!

Oh the horror!!

‘America’s favorite far-right entertainer, Glenn Beck, has always got the scoop on the coming End of the World and how to protect yourself from it’.

‘When he’s not urging fans to buy guns and gold, he’s telling them to build bunkers and stock up on food’.

‘Now, just in time for the holidays, the fear-mongering eschatologist is shilling for a new prophecy of doom – one that comes wrapped in a neat dust jacket, ready to stuff in your loved one’s stocking’.

‘Released on Nov. 20, Beck’s latest contribution to the American literary scene is Agenda 21, a dystopian novel set in a not-too-distant future in which America has been taken over by radical socialist environmentalist atheistic technocrats who steal babies and control all citizens with an iron fist, watching and reporting on everything they do’.

‘Agenda 21 protagonist is Emmeline, a teenaged girl who lives in a Republic ruled by supreme leader “Fabian’.

‘The authorities who control Emmeline’s universe are ardent atheists who have destroyed all the churches and forbidden citizens to utter the word “God.” In this world, human life has no value: squirrels run free and are feted with the ever-diminished crop yields, while humans are interned in highly regulated compounds (FEMA camps, anyone?) and must work endless hours, sustaining themselves only on tasteless “nourishment cubes.” All children are raised in collectivist villages, and deformed babies, people who can no longer produce and dissidents are “recycled” in a plant that employs teenagers to its ugly work’.

‘Though it’s a work of fantasy, Agenda 21 is named after a United Nations sustainability plan that Beck and other conspiracy theorists have described as a vast and vicious plot to take complete control of all the world’s resources, implementing a communist dictatorship that will deprive Americans of their constitutional rights’.
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