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Stories From The Fringe – ‘Fox News Gags Guest After He Calls Network a ‘Wing of the Republican Party’

Ever watch Hard Ball with Chris Matthews?

There’s a show that goes out and finds people with opposing views.

FOX so called news?

The ‘we report and you decide’ people?

Well they want you to ‘decide’ just with what they are willing to tell you.

But come on Republicans. You keep using FOX as the place to get your news and the stupid that smacked you in the face on November 6th, will keep sucker punching you.

After all. To FOX, you are the sucker.

‘Fox News has been relentless in its pursuit of a cover-up narrative, and Ricks was invited to offer his thoughts on the matter’.

‘Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Thomas E. Ricks was unceremoniously kicked off Fox News after he dared to “speak truth to power” by accusing the network of “operating as a wing of Republican Party.”

‘The defense expert and author of a recently published book on American military command was invited to speak on the issue of Benghazi — namely the September 11th attack on the US consulate that killed four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens’.

“I think that Benghazi generally was hyped, by this network especially,” Ricks told Happening Now co-host Jon Scott. “When you have four people dead…how do you call that hype?” a stunned Scott replied. “How many security contractors died in Iraq, do you know?” Ricks retorted’.

‘Scott said he did not, prompting Ricks to prove his point’:

“No. Nobody does, because nobody cared. We know that several hundred died, but there was never an official count done of security contractors dead in Iraq. So when I see this focus on what was essentially a small firefight, I think, number one, I’ve covered a lot of firefights. It’s impossible to figure out what happens in them sometimes. And second, I think that the emphasis on Benghazi has been extremely political, partly because Fox was operating as a wing of Republican Party”.

‘With that, the conversation was over’.
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One thought on “Stories From The Fringe – ‘Fox News Gags Guest After He Calls Network a ‘Wing of the Republican Party’

  1. Barneysday on said:

    Fox, a wing of the RepubliCANT Party? I’m shocked, shocked I tell you!!!

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