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Stories From The Fringe – ‘Fox Nation Misleadingly Suggests Planned Parenthood Offering ‘Black Friday’ Discounts On Abortions’


Come on Republicans! Keep getting your ‘news’ from FOX. Since you so enjoyed looking like fools on November 6th, not knowing what the rest of the Nation and World knew, keep your TV’s tuned to FOX and let the surprises keep coming.

‘Fox Nation got right in the holiday spirit mood over the weekend with a post called, “Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic Offers Black Friday Discounts.”

‘Inside the article, Fox reported that “an abortion clinic in Southern Florida is offering a Black Friday discount — including $10 a visit to the abortion clinic today.”

‘There was a picture of a coupon above the article which gave the impression that coupons were being given out for abortions’.

‘Shockingly (not!), it turns out Fox was misleading its readers’.

‘The coupon was merely $10 off of any visit (and $5 off emergency contraception)’.

‘According to their websites, these Planned Parenthood offices, not “abortion clinics,” offer HIV testing, STD testing, emergency contraception, Men’s Health Care, Women’s Health Care (including Pap Smears, Mammograms, and Cancer Screenings), and other services’.

‘In no way does the coupon encourage abortions; in fact it doesn’t even mention them’.

‘Fox’s characterization of Planned Parenthood as a revolving door of abortions is reminiscent of Senator Jon Kyl’s famous statement that abortions are “well over 90% of what Planned Parenthood does” – which turned out to be fantastically and utterly false, and which he attempted to walk back, poorly, by saying he hadn’t meant it as a “factual statement.”
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