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‘Jill Kelley Recommended for Award by Petraeus’

This whole ‘affair” reeks for me from the beginning. I am apparently one of the few that’s glad he resigned.

Being the Director of the CIA or a General REQUIRES that you have sound judgement – make good decisions.

This affair showed he does not.

And as the details keep dripping out, it starts disgusting me.

‘Jill Kelley — a central figure in the investigation of Gen. David Petraeus — in March 2011 was awarded a prestigious medal from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the New York Post reports’.

‘The award, the country’s second-highest honor for a civilian, was given to acknowledge Kelley’s “selfless contributions” and “willingness to host engagements” for top pols and military brass. Petraeus recommended her for the award’.
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