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‘Campaign Worker Got a Condom with His Check’

‘Staffers for Linda McMahon’s (R) failed U.S. Senate campaign in Connecticut tell WTNH-TV they were not paid after Election Day’.

‘One who complained publicly said he was later handed a check but also got a little something extra in his envelope’.

‘Said the campaign worker: “Basically he handed me a check with a condom in it, told me I was screwed. That’s the rudest gesture you can ever do to a person, it’s like spitting in a person’s face.”

‘His check also bounced’.
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One thought on “‘Campaign Worker Got a Condom with His Check’

  1. If he was foolish enough to work on Linda Mcmahon’s campaign, I think it’s safe to say we want this man to have as many condoms as necessary to ensure he doesn’t procreate. That type of behavior will only lead to the downfall of our species.

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