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‘Tinfoil Hat Alert — Obamacare Will Not ‘Take Away Your Guns’

Coming soon to the fringe freaks talking point. There’s still ‘death panels’ in Obamacare don’t you know!

‘Larry Pratt, the leader of the gun group “Gun Owners of America,” appeared on Crosstalk recently to voice his opinions regarding gun control and — strangely — the Affordable Care Act’s potential impact on gun ownership. Crosstalk is an evangelical radio organization’.

“There’s a big one that doesn’t get much attention as a gun measure but it is, and that’s Obamacare”.

“Obamacare among its many unconstitutional aspects, I’m sorry Supreme Court, has made privacy something that only applies between consenting adults but not certainly our relationship with the government”.

“It says that all of our medical records are available to be pawed through by bureaucrats somewhere in Washington, looking for a reason to disenfranchise gun owners, to say ‘oh you have a medical diagnosis that means you might be a danger to yourself or others so we’re going to come and knock on the door for the BATF to take away your guns”.

‘Is it any wonder that lower class conservatives are so opposed to something that they are constantly and directly lied to about’?

‘Obamacare doesn’t do anything but protect your gun ownership with regard to your health’.

‘As Right Wing Watch reports, “Of course, the law that screens out people such as mentally ill individuals through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System to prevent them from purchasing guns was signed by President Bush, and the health care reform law [PDF] explicitly does not allow for a gigantic gun owner database or discrimination against people who own guns.”
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