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‘From the Maker of Unskewed Polling Comes: The Obama Voter Fraud Map’

“Obama stole the election”.

Is reality just too hard of a concept to grasp?

‘In the last weeks of the election, Dean Chambers became famous for putting into numbers what other conservative put into words’.

‘The polls that showed Mitt Romney losing must, said Chambers, have been skewed’.

‘He launched to recalibrate all national and state polling data to match the electorate he expected in November’.

‘He never showed less than a Romney win’.

‘Anyway, the polls were right. Chambers has moved on, launching, “exposing how they stole the 2012 election.”
‘It leads off with a map of the 2012 election that blacks out Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, and Virginia’.

‘They are “states won by Obama fraud.” What’s Chambers going on for that’?

“I’m getting credible information of evidence in those states that there enough numbers that are questionable and could have swung the election,” he says’.

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2 thoughts on “‘From the Maker of Unskewed Polling Comes: The Obama Voter Fraud Map’

  1. I wonder, does his “credible information” consist of that youtube video showing a PA voting machine automatically changing the vote for Obama into vote for Romney? Or is it more like “Obama is a failure, therefore no one should have voted for him, therefore any vote for Obama must be fraud”?

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