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What Congress Does – ‘Filibuster Reform Now Official – Reid Presents New Filibuster Rule’

This is the most important piece of legislation the Senate will debate all year.

If they don’t pass filibuster reform, we will simply have girdlock.

And the American people want governing.
‘To understand what is happening, you first need to understand the issue at hand’.

‘Right now, to pass a cloture measure, that is to close a bill to debate and then vote on it, you need 60 votes’.

‘In the past Senators wishing to block bills had to by debating endlessly. To address this, a rule was put into place in 1975 which allowed a 3/5 majority of senators sworn in to end debate’.

‘It rarely caused issues, until recently when the GOP began invoking the rule of cloture on every single piece of legislation, but then did not stand up to debate’.

‘In other words, they abused the rule intended to stop endless debate without actually debating’.

‘They would force a cloture vote, but there would be no debate for which to invoke cloture at all.

‘In 2011, when the new Senate was convened, Senator Reid met with the Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and made a deal to limit the abuse of the filibuster in the new session’.

‘The handshake deal lasted for 40 days, with Senator Hutchinson of Texas invoking the rule on February 15’.

‘After that, 108 more cloture motions were filed, and of those 109, 70 had the majority vote. In the end, only 38 passed cloture and the bills voted’.

‘So much for the handshake deal’.

‘After Mitch McConnell lied to Harry Reid’s face, violating the agreement, the Senate Majority Leader will use the transition in January to the next congress as an opportunity to fix the rules so blatantly abused by the Republicans’.

‘The new rule would change this simple bit. When the rule of cloture is invoked, a vote is taken on the measure and should it not pass a simple majority, the bill is killed. If, however, a Senator invokes the rule of cloture, and when the vote is taken it does not pass on the 3/5’s majority, but does on simple majority, the floor is immediately opened up for debate. Four calls for debate will go out, and if nobody steps up to debate, the cloture would be voted on again, this time only needing a simple majority to pass’.
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6 thoughts on “What Congress Does – ‘Filibuster Reform Now Official – Reid Presents New Filibuster Rule’

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  4. I argue in my essay that if the U.S. Senate is to represent govenments, then there is a basis for needing a supermajority, for otherwise we would have federal encroachment on the states. But this has already happened, and the senators are elected rather than the state leaders themselves or their delegates, in which case as the Senate is presently situated the filibuster should be eliminated rather than merely made slightly more difficult. See at the Worden Report.

    • Interesting but I agree with little.
      The filibuster, as it is used today (disregard the past as we don’t live there), has nothing to do with ‘States rights’. It is used solely for political reasons.
      Often as ‘pay back’ or revenge against policies.

      Nor do I think it should be done away with.
      IF a Senator wants to filibuster legislation, then in our present day of ‘instant’ news coverage, they should be spot lighted.
      If Sentor Ghrahm, for instance, wants to hold the debt ceiling hostage unless we raise the retirement age and lower the benefits of senior citizens, then he should be required to stand and speak about why he feels that is the ‘right’ (pun intended) thing to do.

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