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This is the Republican Party – Profit First! – ‘Mitt Romney campaign charges reporters for access to election night party’

What a wonderful America Mitt Romney and the ‘new’ Republican party will bring.

Frist you try to restrict voters from voting and then you profit off of a ‘free press’ that wants to cover you.

Can you imagine what a press conference at the White House would have been like under a Mitt Romney Presidency?

Each member of the press corps would have to cough up $1000 just to sit in the room.

Want to actually ask a question?

Another $1000.

BOSTON — ‘The campaign of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney appears to be setting a precedent this election year in charging journalists and news organizations for any access to a presidential campaign headquarters on the night of the election’.

Romney will be holding his election night gathering at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, where access costs anywhere from $75 for a chair in the ballroom to $1,020 for permission to use the media filing center’.

‘Broadcast news organizations will be paying up to $6,500 for workspace’.

‘Obama’s campaign party will be held at McCormick Place, in Chicago, and although his campaign is charging for premiums, credentialed reporters are granted access, which includes a workstation, electrical power and a wireless Internet connection, at no cost’.

‘Romney spokesman Ryan Williams confirmed on Monday that there was indeed no way to cover the event unless paying for facilities’.

“As a reporter, you need to pay for access to the filing center if you want to cover (the event),” Williams said, confirming there was no access for credentialed media otherwise.

‘Al Tompkins, who teaches online and broadcast journalism the Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg, Fla., said that restricting reporters’ access to an event based on a paywall is “outrageous.”

“If you’re going as a journalist and need access to infrastructure, such as electricity, special lighting, etc., it makes sense that you pay your way. They are incurring a cost for that and you should have to pay as you would in any other situation,” Tompkins said. “But if you aren’t using anything at all, and are just looking to report from inside the building, there is no reason a credentialed member of the press should have to pay. This is paying for access to a story.”

‘Obama’s campaign set the precedent of charging for modern technological hookups and accommodations in 2008, although credentialed media interested in simply covering the event were allowed in without a fee, as is the case with his election night party this year’.

‘Tompkins said that the precedent of charging for access to events could seriously hamper journalism moving forward by restricting smaller news organizations, which may not have large corporate backing, from political events’.

“This just seems indefensible to me. Even the Super Bowl doesn’t charge like this,” he said. “The only place you see this kind of thing is presidential politics. It may be a way to cut out the smaller news outlets altogether.”
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3 thoughts on “This is the Republican Party – Profit First! – ‘Mitt Romney campaign charges reporters for access to election night party’

  1. Barneysday on said:

    No, the media en mass should boycott the event, then see how fast the fees disappear.

    • Now THAT would be the election night story!
      But alas our ‘media’ is too cowardly to hold Mitt Romney to the lies he spoke let alone boycotting his ‘victory’ party.
      This election will have changed the role of the press in our election/political process.
      FOX is a great business model of selling ‘news’ and THAT I think will be the future of broadcast and cable news outlets.
      And that leaves the internet. The American people have already shown they are too lazy (or stupid) to research what broadcast and cable news shoves in front of them.
      And if (when) the dynamics change to news agencies as being just business models for profit (almost already there), then the America public will dumb itself down even further.

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