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The Daily 2012 – ‘Battleground Blog: Independent and centrist voters breaking with precedent’ Obama – 294 Romney – 244

Gotta LOVE the Donald!

He should do a stand up act in Vegas!

What has been trending for a couple of days (or longer) now is a backlash to the Republicans voter fraud and suppression actions. This is actually increasing the voter turnout in a ‘you’re not taking away MY vote’.

Just the opposite of what the Republicans wanted.

And while Obama will ‘lose’ approx. 350,000 votes in the wake of Hurricane Sandy displacing voters, he may well gain over that # due to the backlash of Republican voter suppression and get a popular vote victory also.

(CNN) – ‘The final polls are out and behind the national horserace is a fascinating dynamic – Mitt Romney is narrowly winning independent voters while President Obama is winning centrist voters by a nearly 20-point margin’.

‘For example, here in the must-win battleground state of Ohio, the final CNN/ORC poll showed Romney edging Obama among independent voters by two points, 48% to 46%. But among moderate voters, Obama is crushing Romney by 21 points – 57% to 36%’.

‘National polls also bear this dynamic out. In the final Pew poll of this election, Romney is winning independent voters by a three point margin, 44% to 41%. But Obama is winning centrist voters by a 21-point margin – 56% to 25%’.
From :

I still standing on President Obama – 294 Romney – 244 and the President winning the popular vote although that make take a week to two weeks to finalize.

So from a week ago : And the only tweaking I’m thinking of doing is moving Virginia to an earlier win for the President.

Forgive me the hours that I picked, poll closings and such as this may drag out a little more then I think.


By 9PM (E):
States called for Obama :
VT – 3
NH – 4
MA – 11
RI – 4
CT – 7
NJ – 14
DE – 3
MD – 10
DC – 3
NY – 29

States called for Romney :
SC – 9
GA – 16
NC – 15
WV – 5
At 9 PM (E)
Obama – 88
Romney – 45
The polls close at 9PM (E) in the Central States.
By 10PM (E):
States States caleed for Obama :
ME – 4
OH – 18
PA – 20
IL – 20
MI – 16
MN – 10
WI – 10

States called for Romney :
AL – 9
AR – 6
FL – 29
IN – 11
KY – 8
LA – 8
MS – 6
MO – 10
OK – 7
TN – 11
At 10PM (E)
Obama – 186
Romney – 150
The polls close at 10 PM(E) in the Mountain States.
By 11PM(E) :
States called for Obama :
IA – 6

States called for Romney
KS – 6
MT – 3
NE – 5
ND – 3
SD – 3
TX – 38
UT – 6
WY – 3
At 11 PM (E)
Obama – 192
Romney – 217

**(Note) – I REALLY, REALLY (please, please, please) URGE EVERYONE to switch to FOX (cough) ‘news. The celebration will be fantastic.


WOW!!!! Mitt’s going to beat Obama!!!


It will be a wonderful hour to watch.

Well until that small thing called ‘The West Coast’ comes creeping in.

CA, OR, WA and even though polls in HI won’t close for many hours yet, those 4 States Electoral Vote comes to – 78.

78 + 192 = 270.

I figure it will be around 11:30 when someone at FOX realaizes that and slowly, ever so slowly the celebration will wind down.

The polls close at 11:00(E) on the West Coast.
by 12:00AM Midnight (E)
States called for Obama
CA – 55
HI – 4
OR – 7
WA – 12
NM – 5

States called for Romney
ID – 4
AK – 3
AZ – 11

By Midnight (E), 9PM here on the West Coast

Obama – 275
Romney – 235

CO – 9
NV – 6
VA – 13
Will be too close to call until the next day.

My call :
Co – Romney
NV – Obama
VA – Obama

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5 thoughts on “The Daily 2012 – ‘Battleground Blog: Independent and centrist voters breaking with precedent’ Obama – 294 Romney – 244

  1. That would be an hour when I’ll regret that I don’t watch Fox.

  2. It went even better than expected for the president – and I have to say, I am beyond happy and beyond relieved. It was fantastic to watch a lot of the election coverage on Fox last night – they really did not know how to process some of what was happening, especially Karl Rove. Poor old Turd Blossom truly lost his mind on national TV when Fox called Ohio for Obama, and it was one of the highlights of my entire night. 🙂 Thank you for all your posts and all the info you got out there in support of truth and reality during this election season – glad to know folks like you are doing what you do, and glad to see it has paid off this time around.

    • It was fantastic! And I agree the FOX coverage was hilarious!
      All of everyone’s work has paid off but it’s only an election.
      Now the real work starts.
      ‘A Republic if you can keep it’.

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