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A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – ‘Romney Supporters Ready To Blame Government Moochers If Obama Wins’





“We don’t understand this ‘fair share,’” Wild said. “But nearly 50 percent pay nothing. Isn’t there a fair share for people who have modest incomes?”

Why yes retired Army Colonel Allen Wild, lets have a ‘Great Nation’ where those who have little, have even less. Where if you’re poor, those who aren’t poor, demand you pay.

My Mom is 95. And YOU, retired Army Colonel Allen Wild want her to PAY taxes.

What a great American you are retired Army Colonel Allen Wild.

FAIRFAX, Va. — ‘If President Obama wins re-election on Tuesday, retired Army Colonel Allen Wild knows exactly who blame: “the 47 percent.” Not the leaked video of Republican nominee Mitt Romney claiming that 47 percent of Americans will vote for Obama because they are dependent on government’.

“The takers,” Wild explained to TPM at a Romney rally on the final day of the campaign Monday here at George Mason University. “Those who pay no income tax.”

Some rally attendees summed up this theory more succinctly. As Carlos Cerball, 72, said, “I’m not comfortable that he’s a socialist,” referring to Obama.

“I’m not a socialist,” Anna-Maria Kennedy, 48, said. A homemaker who grew up in Greece, Kennedy says Greece is “where America will be if we don’t change things quick.”
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