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‘New Jersey Tea Party Group Enraged At Christie, Says He ‘Put Country In Jeopardy’

The real meaning of Hating President Obama more then Loving America.

From Michael Hayne over at America Blog :

‘Damn the Teaparty for making a fairly liberal person defend Chris Christie, but this is precisely the type of mindless and nauseatingly petty obstructionism that has plagued president Obama during his first term, so if he’s reelected he may actually be able to have a whole term’.

‘But it clearly illustrates the hate for Obama is so ridiculously petty and heated, Teabaggers are willing to overlook damage from a major storm and how their own governor showed tremendous leadership, even when it occurred in their own state’.

‘Here’s the ever-so profound, reasonable and compassionate words of wisdom from the Bayshore Tea Party as discovered on their Facebook page’:

“Dear members and friends”,

“First and foremost, we hope that everyone is safe. We are aware that many of our members and people in their communities have lost their power, their belongings and even their entire homes. We will, as a group, try to help in any way we can”.

“Governor Christie has decided that in an attempt to repair our state, he put our country in jeopardy. He is responsible for a bump in the polls for Obama. I will never forgive him for that and will make it my business to campaign for an alternate candidate”.

“Please, when you are able, call his office, tweet him, facebook him and let him know if you feel the same way. The Tea Party helped him get elected and the Tea Party can get him unelected. If you haven’t been online or watching t.v., Christie has been praising Obama like a schoolgirl because he wants Romney to lose. We will talk about that soon. Maybe all of you don’t agree with this, but personally, I will be on a mission”.
From :


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