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‘Volunteers For Voter Suppression Group Installed As Election Officials In Ohio’

There are going to be so many eyes of Ohio that I really can’t imagine any thing untword happening but then again……

‘Conservative poll observers are gearing up for Election Day, when they will watch for possible instances of voter fraud and challenge voters they find suspicious’.

‘As ThinkProgress reported, many of these volunteers have been fed false or misleading information about voting rights by the Romney campaign and independent Tea Party groups’.

‘But one True the Vote affiliate, the Ohio Voter Integrity Project, is taking their election interference one step further’.

‘Ohio VIP has recruited and dispatched poll workers who will not be merely observing, but directly involved in the voting process in a crucial swing state’.

‘Hamilton County elections director Tim Burke told the Columbus Dispatch that VIP poll workers will represent the Republican Party:

“We know that the Voter Integrity Project has recruited and through the (Hamilton) County Republican Party has placed some poll workers. I have discussed this with my Republican counterpart”.

“I accept the fact that he understands that the VIP pollworkers are working for the Board of Elections on Election Day and are subject to the board’s instructions, not the VIP instruction. Obviously both sides are going to have observers as well as poll workers. I, and others will spend the day responding to trouble calls”.

‘While in-person voter fraud is exceedingly rare, overzealous poll workers could jeopardize legitimate votes by forcing them to use provisional ballots, which cannot be counted until November 17’.

‘Ohio’s provisional ballot mess is already threatening to disenfranchise thousands of legitimate voters — the bulk of whom live in urban, minority-heavy areas like Hamilton County, which contains Cincinnati’.

‘In 2004, Ohio tossed out thousands of provisional ballots, concentrated in Hamilton and the state’s four other urban counties. Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) lost Ohio by a narrow margin in 2004, allowing George W. Bush to win a second term’.
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2 thoughts on “‘Volunteers For Voter Suppression Group Installed As Election Officials In Ohio’

  1. They’ve done the same here in Virginia, where I will work as a poll watcher. We are going to work hard to make sure that folks are prepared with their ID, that’s part of the GOTV.

    We are NOT going to let the bastards win.

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