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The Republican ‘War On Women’ – ‘GOP Senate Candidate Akin: ‘Free Enterprise’ Means Being Allowed To Deny Equal Pay To Women’



This IS the ‘new’ Republican Party. The one where the ‘party’ wanted Todd Akin out of the race for using the words ‘legitimate rape’ and then when the dead line passed so he would have to stay in the race, the ‘party’ ran to him in support.

Come on America!

We need to get behind these guys so they can take our Counntry back – for themselves!

One of the Founding Father’s realities was that our Constitution was written and adpoted by white men, over 21 who owned property.

Ask yourself.

Is the ‘new’ Republican Party trying to go back to the ‘good old days’?

‘The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act was the first bill President Obama signed into law and eases the burden on women to prove paycheck discrimination’.

‘Akin, along with all but three House Republicans, voted against the bill’.

‘Republicans blocked another pay equity bill, the Paycheck Fairness Act, earlier this summer; it would create larger penalties for employers who pay women less than men and strengthen protections for women who sue for equal pay’.
‘Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) has struggled with a well-established woman problem in his Senate campaign’.

AUDIENCE MEMBER: “You voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. Why do you think it is okay for a woman to be paid less for doing the same work as a man”?

AKIN: “Well, first of all, the premise of your question is that I’m making that particular distinction. I believe in free enterprise. I don’t think the government should be telling people what you pay and what you don’t pay. I think it’s about freedom”.
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‘Christie Accuses Obama of Lying About Romney’s Tax Plan, Then Misrepresents Romney’s Tax Plan’


‘On ABC News’s This Week this morning, host George Stephanopoulos played an Obama campaign ad where the President says that Romney believes in “even bigger tax cuts for the wealthy.”

‘New Jersey Governor and Romney surrogate Chris Christie (R) responded by falsely accusing President Obama of lying’:

CHRISTIE: “Stop lying Mr. President”.


CHRISTIE: “Yeah . . . Gov. Romney’s not talking about more tax cuts for the wealthy. In fact, what he said is that the wealthy will pay just as much under a Romney administration as they pay today”.

‘Romney may not be “talking” about how his plan reduces taxes on the very rich, but it is simply false to claim that it does not’.

‘As a report by the Tax Policy Center demonstrated last month, even if Romney were to eliminate every single tax loophole benefiting the wealthy, there simply are not enough of them to keep the richest taxpayers from paying substantially less under Romney’s plan. Indeed, the average taxpayer who earns over $1 million per year would receive a tax cut of over $87,000 under Romney’s plan. So when Christie suggests that “the wealthy will pay just as much under a Romney administration as they pay today,” he is not telling the truth’.
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‘Romney Practices Debate Zingers’

When you refuse to give details of your policies – that all we can look at is your character.

Or lack of it.

Mitt Romney – “[O]ur campaign would be — helped immensely if we had an agreement between both campaigns that we were only going to talk about issues and that attacks based upon — business or family or taxes or things of that nature.”
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‘Mr. Romney’s team has concluded that debates are about creating moments and has equipped him with a series of zingers that he has memorized and has been practicing on aides since August. His strategy includes luring the president into appearing smug or evasive about his responsibility for the economy’.
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‘Paul Ryan To Fox News: ‘I Don’t Have The Time’ To Explain How We Will Pay For Our Tax Plan’

More of the ‘just trust me’ Romney/Ryan campaign.

The ‘new’ Republican Party.

‘On Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace gave Ryan an opportunity to finally talk about the details of his plan to a national audience, how much it will cost and how the Romney administration would pay for it’.

‘Instead, Ryan said he didn’t have time to get into the nuts and bolts of the proposal’:

WALLACE: “So how much would it cost”?

RYAN: “It’s revenue neutral…”

WALLACE: “No no, I’m just talking about cuts. We’ll get to the deductions, but the cut in tax rates”.

RYAN: “The cut in tax rates is lowering all Americans’ tax rates by 20 percent”.

WALLACE: “Right, how much does that cost”?

RYAN: “It’s revenue neutral”.
WALLACE: “But I have to point out, you haven’t given me the math”.

Ryan: “No, but you…well, I don’t have the time. It would take me too long to go through all of the math”.
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Sunday Picks – The ‘bye’ week

I haven’t watched a single football game because I much prefer golf. But the Ryder Cup loss has to be the lowest point in US golf that I can remember.

Seattle, THAT is Karma. You are given a ‘win’ by the officials and then go into what is one of the worst teams in football and lose.

As for the rest of the games…..

Smack down in Buffalo. New England scored 31 points in the 4th. Whomp!

Time for me to get off the Kansas City kick.

Another Whomp! in the Meadow Lands as the Jets didn’t just lose but couldn’t even score.

Peyton be liking the Mile High.

New Orleans came >that< close but as with horse shoes, hand grenades, close does not count.

NYG – 17 Phly – 19. I have mentioned that I really, really hate the NFC East.

Watch Dallas win tonight. (Bangs head on wall)

Over All
Backwoods – 35 – 27
Kane – 32 – 30

This week
Backwoods – 12 – 2
Kane – 11 – 3

16………23 – Win
Cleveland(0-4) at Baltimore(3-1) – Pick – Baltimore

28…….30 – Win
Carolina(1-3) at Atlanta(4-0) – Pick – Atlanta

52………..28 – Win
New England(2-2) at Buffalo(2-2) – Pick New England

20…….to….13 – Win
Minnesota(3-1) at Detroit(1-3) Pick – Minnesota

14…….to….38 – Win
Tennessee(1-3) at Houston(4-0) – Pick – Houston

37….to…..20 – Loss
San Diego(3-1) at Kansas City(1-3) – Pick – KC

34……….to…..0 – A WHOMP and a Win
San Francisco(3-1) at NY Jets(2-2) – Pick – SF

13……to….19 – Loss
Seattle(2-2) at St. Louis(2-2) – Pick – Seattle

21…….24 – Win
Miami(1-3) at Arizona(4-0) – Pick – Arizona

6……to……37 – Win
Oakland(1-3) at Denver(2-2) Pick – Denver

27…….to…..10 – Win
Cincinnati(3-1) at Jacksonville(1-3) – Pick – Cincinnati

27……to….28 – Win
New Orleans(0-4) at Green Bay(2-2) – Pick – Green Bay

24…….to…..22 – Win
Washington(2-2) at Tampa Bay(1-3) – Pick – Washington

17………..19 – Loss
NY Giants(2-2) at Philadelphia(2-2) – Pick – NYGiants
Of course it’s the NFC East.

Monday Night Football
Chicago(2-1) at Dallas(2-1) – Pick – Chicago

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