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The Weekly 2012 – An open letter to Republicans – Don’t blame Mitt Romney

I was raised a Conservative. An Eisenhower Conservative.

I was taught that if we invested in America, that is how you would build, grow and maintain a great Nation.

And build we did. The TVA. Bonneville. Grand Coulee. Hoover. A
power grid to bring that power to all corners of our Nation.

And roads. Roads that we now all too often take for granted. Roads
that networked with the train tracks we built in the 19th and 20th
Century to take us and bring our food and products to every home
and business.

We built an education system the envy of the World. The same with medical care.

We built a Nation that then dared dream of going to the Moon.

And from the Moon, from our scientific advances we built a massive
technology boom.

And when the financial bust came, we turned on each other.

So what happened?

We could always agree to disagree because we were Americans

When did it change that some of us weren’t?

1996. GOPAC. Newt Gingrich. ‘Call your opponents ‘traitors’.
See : ‘Language: A Key Mechanism of Control’
‘Often we search hard for words to define our opponents : traitors’.
@ :

That is the line in the sand. The day the seed was planted that
Party is more important the Country.

That it was needed to go beyond disagreement to hatred and even
condemnation for being unAmerican.

So don’t blame Mitt Romney.

The Conservative movement, hesitant at first, embraced Newt
Gingrich and his power of words and from that, they waited.

2008. Sarah Palin the most unqualified vice Presidential candidate
possible. And the beginings of opening the door to the previsously
disenfranchished fringe.
See : ‘Meet Sarah Palin’s radical right-wing pals’
@ :

The disenfranchished had never been welcome because they would not

Sarah Palin gave them leadership.

Fox ‘news’ gave them voice.
See : ‘The Tea Party Movement Doesn’t Exist’
@ :

Fear gave them power.
See : ‘Glenn Beck, the Tea Party, and What’s Behind Government Backlash’
@ :

Fear from Conservatives of being primaried so Conservatives kept
leaning, turning further and further right.
See : ‘Some Republicans won’t compromise for fear of being ‘primaried’
@ :

And the victory of 2010.


Followed by No Compromise and an attempt to shut the Government
down. And an attempt to have the Government default.

No Compromise was embraced as filibuster by the GOP leadership. 100’s of filibusters. Obstruction just as we, once a united Nation, were trying desperately to get out of the biggest economic fall since the Great Depression.

So don’t blame Mitt Romney.

You were silent when The Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich said ‘let’s call Democrats ‘traitors’.

You were silent when Congress repealed the Glass-Segal financial regulations.

You were silent when the newly elected G.W. Bush said ‘we gots us a surplus so we’re a gonna cut your taxes’.

You were silent when we invaded two Countries WITHOUT raising taxes to pay for it.

You were silent when Congress mandated WITHOUT raising taxes, a prescription durg benefit.

You were silent when Republican leaders after starting two wars and not raising taxes, after putting in a massive prescription drug benefit program and not raising taxes, after cutting taxes, now said ‘We have a spending problem in Washington’.

You were silent when the newly elected President Obama while giving his State of the Union, stood there while a Republican US Representative cried out ‘You lie!’

You were silent when FOX ‘news’ purposely misrepresented facts in story after story after story.

You were silent when Sarah Palin used FOX ‘news’ to drive the fear of ‘death panels’ that didn’t exsist.

You were silent when FOX ‘news’ hinted in story after story that President Obama may be a Muslim.

You were silent when Donald Trump, a ‘business leader’ said his investagators had found ‘important’ information regarding President Obama’s birth and then after President Obama showed his birth certificate, Donald Trump went silent.

You were silent when a college student and civil activists was called a ‘slut’ by nationaly known Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh.

So don’t blame Mitt Romney. He is just pretending to be what you as Conservatives have been too afraid to speak out against.

The Republican party run by the minority fringe.


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