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Sunday Picks – Week 3 ‘If at first you don’t succeed….’

‘Well then you really screwed up!’

Ah. The humble and kind words of a teacher………

OK off to week 3 and try to get a wee bit closer to .500′

Backwoods – 17 – 15
Kane – 12 – 20
Thursday Night Football
NYG at Carolina – Pick – NYG
Kudos to Carolina but I’m going with the Giants. I have mentioned that I really hate the NFC East?

St. Louis at Chicago – Pick – Chicago
I’m going with the odds here.

Detroit at Tennessee – Pick – Tennessee
Picked Detroit first but gonna flip it to see if they put Matt in.

San Fran at Minnesota – Pick – San Fran
Could be a showcase of two great running backs.

Buffalo at Cleveland – Pick – Buffalo –
The so-so game of the week?

Jacksonville at Indy – Pick – Indy
With a little bit of ‘Luck’.

Phly at Arizona – Pick – Arizona
They have been consistant while Phly? Not so much. I have told you I really and I mean really hate the NFC East.

Houston at Denver – Pick – Houston
Peyton’s alwasy had good games against Houston but that was with the old Indy team.

Cinci at Washington – Pick – Washington
RG3 gets it back.

KC at NO – Pick – NO
This SHOULD get them back on track.

NYJ at Miami – Pick – NYJ
Ready to hear some ‘footsteps’ NE?

Tampa at Dallas – Pick – Dallas
Was last week a fluke? In case you haven’t heard – I really, really HATE the NFC East.

Atlanta at SD – Pick – Atlanta
This could turn out to be a very good game.

Pittsburg at Oakland – Pick – Pittsburg
The ‘smash mouth’ game of the week.

NE at Baltimore – Pick – Baltimore
Both teams stumbled last week. I pick Baltimore to get back on their feet first.

Monday Night Football
Green Bay at Seattle – Pick – Green Bay
Seattle was more physical then Dallas. Green Bay is WAY more physical then Seattle.



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