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What is Mitt Romney Hiding? – ‘Romney Asked VP Shortlisters for Ten Years of Tax Returns’

‘But the revelation that Romney aides demanded that its veep candidates be more forthcoming with their own campaign than with the American public drew predictable scorn from Team Obama. “Mitt Romney needs to answer one question: if he needed ten years of returns to decide on a vice presidential candidate, don’t the American people need the same to make their choice for president?” asked Ben LaBolt, a spokesman for the Obama campaign’.

Why aren’t ‘We The People’ allowed to see Mitt Romney’s tax returns? And don’t give me the ‘political attacks’ crap.

It’s called RESPECT Mitt Romney. RESPECT for the American people to make the right decisions about what your tax returns really mean.

Why Mitt Romney do you NOT RESPECT the American people to make the right decisions?

‘Should the American people be entitled to as full an account of Paul Ryan’s taxes as the Romney campaign? New information about the vice-presidential selection process may revive interest in the issue as a flashpoint in the presidential campaign’.

‘As part of its vetting, the Romney campaign required at least some of the candidates on the short list—including the eventual winner of the GOP veepstakes, Ryan—to submit fully 10 years of tax returns, according to a knowledgeable source’.

‘The requirement was consistent with the past practices of both Republican and Democratic campaigns. Indeed, in 2008, Mitt Romney turned over 23 years of taxes to John Mccain’s campaign when he was under consideration to be the Arizona senator’s running mate’.
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Mitt Romney’s ‘vision’ as Commander in Chief – ‘Amid Foreign-Policy Crisis, Romney Picks a Big Fight’


This is a question of character and leadership.

Mitt Romney – ‘He said in 2007 – his first White House bid under way – that he had “longed in many respects to actually be in Vietnam.”
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Mitt Romney – ‘But the frustration he recalled in 2007 does not match a sentiment he shared as a Massachusetts Senate candidate in 1994, when he told The Boston Herald, “I was not planning on signing up for the military.”

“It was not my desire to go off and serve in Vietnam, but nor did I take any actions to remove myself from the pool of young men who were eligible for the draft,” Romney told the newspaper’.

‘But that’s exactly what Romney did, according Selective Service records’.
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What is more important?

Showing and following protocals of respect for the dead and for the chain of command. Secretary of State Clinton making a statement before the President as they were her people that were killed?

Or without even knowing or at the least, purposely twisting the order of events, a Presidential candidate making statements BEFORE the offical White House releases, BEFORE knowing all the facts?

Mitt Romney trying to ‘act’ Presidental.

In my mind I keep hearing the words of Speaker John Boehner – “The president is getting some very bad advice from his campaign team because he’s diminishing the presidency by picking fights”.
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It’s Obama’s fault. HE diminished the Office of the Presidentcy.

Come On America!

We need to elect Mitt Romney President because he will be a real leader!

By Major Garrett
‘Mitt Romney has picked a big fight fraught with political risks amid an ongoing foreign-policy crisis with heartbreaking and murderous consequences for the U.S. diplomatic corps’.

‘In the swirl of sadness and the need for calm, Obama ignored Romney until the official work of acknowledging the deaths and putting the mayhem in context was complete’.

‘And by the end of the day on Wednesday, he walked straight into a forearm shiver from the commander-in-chief—one that may leave a mark and intensify scrutiny of Romney’s foreign-policy qualifications’.

‘The core of Romney’s criticism was that the U.S. Embassy in Cairo sought to appease menacing protesters threatening their compound and did not immediately denounce them or Libyan protesters after U.S. diplomatic territory in both nations was compromised’.

‘The GOP nominee blasted the statement as a sign of weakness amid a gathering threat—something he and other Republicans said reflected a central flaw of Obama’s policies throughout the region’.

‘Two senior Romney advisers told National Journal that the campaign doesn’t care that the statement it criticized was issued long before U.S. grounds were breached. The larger point, the advisers said, was that neither the Obama State Department nor the White House withdrew it or repudiated it while the crisis was unfolding in Cairo or in the streets outside the consulate in Benghazi’.

“That was the wrong path. It didn’t work. Under Governor Romney we will defend free speech. And we don’t apologize,” one adviser said’.

‘Romney, it appears, rallied some of the GOP base around his condemnation of the administration’s initial response to the protests in Egypt and Libya. But the larger question—as ever—will be if Romney’s hard-edged criticism amid the tragedy will be seen by undecided voters as a sign of foreign-policy steel and insight, or as crass and possibly inept opportunism’.
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Blog Running – ‘Everything Romney touches about foreign policy goes wrong’

Bryan Fischer, spokesman for American Family Association : “Let me ask you this question, people have raised this question, if Mitt Romney can be pushed around, intimidated, coerced, coopted by a conservative radio talk show host in Middle America, then how is he going to stand up to the Chinese? How is he going to stand up to Putin? How is he going to stand up to North Korea if he can be pushed around by a yokel like me? I don’t think Romney is realizing the doubts that this begins to raise about his leadership”.

From the very good people over at AmericaBlog.

By John Aravosis

‘Once again, Mitt Romney wades into foreign policy, and once again Mitt Romney screws up’.

‘The UK Olympics’
‘First there was his visit to the UK for the Olympics, where he offended our top ally again, and again, and again. Romney’s staff also used the occasion of the foreign trip to take a potshot at the President, something that has traditionally been frowned upon by politicians when traveling abroad’.

‘Then he went to Poland, and his aide was caught on tape making a vulgar comment at a location holy to the Polish people’.

‘And finally he went to Israel, where he insulted the Palestinians while suggesting that Jews have some innate talent for making money (in much of the world that’s considered an anti-Semitic slur). And then he came back to the US and only days after visiting Israel, Sista Souljah’d the US’ top ally in the Middle East by suggesting that the Jewish state was built by socialists, and socialist are very bad un-American people’.

‘Libya/Egypt Violence’
‘And now Mitt Romney wades into something serious. A foreign policy, national security crisis. American lives are on the line. Four Americans are dead. So what does Mitt Romney do? He jumps the gun, and before he has all the facts, he politicizes the crisis, only a few hours old, by taking a partisan potshot at the President. Then, in the face of growing criticism, he holds a press conference in which he smirks the entire time, while speaking of the murder of four Americans, including a US ambassador, and then Romney gets the capital of Libya wrong’.

‘The Scandal Over His Own Foreign Policy Spokesman’
‘The man is a walking time-bomb of foreign policy inexperience, insult, injury and inappropriateness. Heck, Romney couldn’t even hire a foreign policy spokesman with causing an unnecessary controversy. To suggest that Mitt Romney is in over his head is putting it kindly. If he has to run for president, he should turn in his passport, keep his mouth shut, and leave our national security to the experts’.
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A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – ‘Republican Delegate Says Children With Disabilities Are Punishment For Past Abortions’

The ‘new’ Republican Party.

Come on America!

We need to get behind these guys so they can ‘take America back’…………..for themselves!

‘Bob Marshall, a Republican delegate from Virginia, said that “The number of children who are born subsequent to a first abortion with handicaps has increased dramatically. Why? Because when you abort the first born of any, nature takes its vengeance on the subsequent children,” while speaking at a press conference about cutting funding for Planned Parenthood’.
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A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – ‘Craft Store Chain Sues For Right To Deny Their Employees Contraception Coverage’

‘Romney: Corporations Are People, My Friend’

And they can be religions too!

It’s the free market!

After all you don’t HAVE to work for them.

It’s a private company.

Benefiting from all these tax payer funded services…………

As Hobby Lobby uses public roads built with tax payer money.

Public schools to send and educate their families and their workers families built and funded by tax payer money.

Public police and fire departments built and funded by tax payer money.

Public water, sewer and garbage built and funded by tax payer money.

And now able to tell anyone who works for them that they WILL follow the religious and moral convictions of the owners.

Today it’s just birth control.


Who knows.

Because ‘Corporations are people my friend.’

People with growing power over you.

‘Hobby Lobby, a large chain of craft stores owned by conservative evangelical Christians, filed a federal lawsuit against the contraception mandate today, claiming they should have the right to deny coverage for emergency contraception to over 13,000 employees across 40 states. Hobby Lobby’s owners, the Green family, claim the Obamacare requirement to provide employer-based coverage for that contraceptive service violates their freedom of religion and speech’:
‘The lawsuit seeks a permanent injunction prohibiting the enforcement of the mandate against the Green family and its businesses. […]

“The Green family’s religious beliefs forbid them from participating in, providing access to, paying for, training others to engage in, or otherwise supporting abortion-causing drugs and devices,” the lawsuit said’.

‘The Greens are using their own religious decision to avoid contraception to deny thousands of employees access to affordable birth control’.
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A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – ‘Missouri Lawmakers Override Governor’s Veto Of Bill Allowing Employers To Deny Access To Birth Control’

Come on America!

Let’s get behind the ‘new’ Republican Party!

The Party where YOU WILL follow your Bosses religious and moral convictions!

‘The Missouri legislature has overridden Gov. Jan Nixon’s (D) veto of a bill that would allow employers or health insurance providers to stop offering coverage for contraception, abortion, or sterilization if doing so violated their religious or moral convictions’.
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But it’s NOT Republican Obstructionism – ‘EXCLUSIVE: Florida To Restart Voter Purge Prior To Presidential Election’


‘Local election supervisors were informed this week that Florida plans to restart its controversial voter purge prior to the November 6 election. In a detailed PowerPoint presentation obtained by ThinkProgress, Governor Rick Scott’s Department of State lays out the plan’.

‘The initial purge effort, conducted in May, informed hundreds of fully eligible U.S. citizens that Florida believed they were ineligible to vote. Among those targeted was a 91-year-old World War II veteran’.

‘The presentation outlines a proceedure to “update” their flawed purge list by cross-checking it against a federal Department of Homeland Security database (SAVE). This task is apparently being done by hand and has not been completed since there is “no established automated process yet.”

‘The Florida Department of State acknolwedges that, in many cases, the federal SAVE database will not establish definitively whether or not someone is a U.S. citizen’.

‘Florida claims that the purge proceedures they outline “is not subject to the 90-day moratorium preceding a federal election.” The Department of Justice disputes that interpretation and has sued Florida to stop the purge’.
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