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Mitt Romney Lies #62 – ‘Romney Has Given Two Version Of His 9/11 Experience’

I and I’m sure everyone remembers EXACTLY where they were and what they were doing when they learned about the attacks on 9-11.

Just like Mitt Romney has ‘fond memories’ of his Father in the 50th Jubliee Parade that happened 9 months before he was born……..

Or Mitt Romney ‘watching’ his Father march with Martin Luther King – something that never happened…………

Mitt Romney has two, (cue Double Mint gum song) two memories of how he learned about 9-11.

From his book ‘Turnaround’ :

“”I was on the phone to Salt Lake City, doing a radio interview. The interviewer interrupted to say there were reports that a plane had hit the World Trade Center. I hung up and turned on the small TV in the office.”

And from his speech yesterday :

“Someone rushed into our office and said a plane had hit the World Trade Center. I turned the small TV on desk there and watched in shock as flames and smoke erupted from the north tower.”

These are personal accounts. Persoanl accounts are VERY important because they show to others our character.

The first two relate lies Mitt Romney has told.

The last shows one is a lie.

But why lie in the first place?

And if he is so openly and easly lying about these personl accounts, how can I trust that ANYTHING he says isn’t also a lie?
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But it’s NOT Republican Obstructionsim – ‘Colorado Secretary of State Gives Up On Voter Purge’

The Great Republican Voter Fraud Purge of 2012 – They found one but the guy didn’t even know he was registered to vote.

That was close. They almost had a completely bogus election in Colorado.

‘Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler (R) has decided not to pursue a voter purge he initiated by sending letters asking almost 4,000 voters to prove their citizenship. After 482 people responded with proof and almost 90 percent of the suspected non-citizens were verified through a federal database, Gessler planned to challenge 141 names still in question, but does not have enough time to handle the hearings before Election Day’.

‘Instead, he is handing over the names to county clerks who may challenge them at the polls or when they receive absentee ballots. So far, one person has voluntarily come forward as a non-citizen in Larimer County. The county clerk explained’:

“It was a guy with a work visa. He didn’t even know he was registered to vote”.
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‘Lies, damned lies, and statistics in Fox News graphics’

What’s always interesting to me is when I cite things like this, I can NEVER find anyone who will admit to listening to FOX. The same applies to Rush or Beck, Daily Caller, WND, Newsmax. No one will admit to actually listening/reading them but WILL quote them word for word.

‘After the graphic aired, Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham asked, “Other than Fox News, where are you really seeing those statistics?” What a good question’.

‘There are two main elements to this. The first is the notion that the “real” unemployment rate nearly doubled on President Obama’s watch. To arrive at this figure, Fox News began with the standard U-3 unemployment rate from January 2009, and then compared it to August 2012 U-6 unemployment rate, which includes part-time workers who want to work full-time and those who’ve given up’.

‘The only reason to equate a U-3 rate and a U-6 rate at the same time — a classic apples to oranges comparison — is to wildly mislead people’.

‘Update: “Fox & Friends” will reportedly air a correction tomorrow’.
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Blog Running – ‘Mitt’s shameful Libya statement’

‘It has since been learned that a total of four people – the U.S. ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, and three of his staff members – were killed in the attacks. President Obama has now issued a statement condemning the assault, praising Stevens, and pledging “all necessary resources to support the security of our personnel in Libya, and to increase security at our diplomatic posts around the globe.”

‘The foolishness of Romney’s reaction is glaring. Pretending that the statement from the U.S. embassy in Cairo was anything other than a completely understandable and reasonable attempt by its occupants to save their own lives borders on disgraceful. Romney’s implication that the statement was issued at the height of the attacks is also false; it was actually released earlier in the day, a preventive measure aimed at keeping the protests from turning violent’.

“It’s disgraceful,” Romney’s statement, which was released late Tuesday night, read, “that the Obama administration’s first response was not to condemn attacks on our diplomatic missions, but to sympathize with those who waged the attacks.”

‘That’s not at all what happened, of course’.

‘The actual chronology goes like this’:

‘As anti-American protests inspired by a crude Terry Jones video began gathering steam, the U.S. embassy in Cairo – and not the Obama White House — put out a statement condemning “the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims — as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions.”

‘The obvious intent was to cool the passions of the protesters. As Marc Ambinder explained, it was “exactly what Americans inside the embassy who are scared for their lives now and worry about revenge later need to have released in their name.”

‘Protests were also building in Libya, and sometime later the U.S. consulate in Benghazi came under siege, with news breaking late Tuesday night that a State Department official had been killed’.

‘It was around this time that two major American political figures released statements’.

‘One came from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and read: “I condemn in the strongest terms the attack on our mission. We are heartbroken by this terrible loss. There is never any justification for violent acts of this kind.”

‘The other was Romney’s’.

‘But this hasn’t stopped other Republicans – including RNC chairman Reince Priebus and Sarah Palin – from echoing the Romney line’.
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Races to Watch – 2012

I’ll add more but…………

And I’m going to throw in my local US House race – McMorris-Rodgers vs. Rich Cowen. I think McMorris-Rodgers will win but  Cowen will also scar her with her vote on the Ryan budget. That and she IS Republican leadership but has done nothing to help here in the 5th except to vote against legislation and then come back and pose for pictures with events helped by the legislation she voted against.

Ohio Senate – Sherrod Brown continues to hold a good sized lead in the Ohio Senate race, 48-40 over Josh Mandel. Brown is not a popular incumbent. Only 42% of voters approve of the job he’s doing to 44% who disapprove. But Mandel is not proving to be a strong challenger either, with 33% of voters rating him favorably to 44% with a negative opinion’.
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Massachuttes Senate – ”Elizabeth Warren is running nearly even with Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) in a poll released Monday, her best showing since late July. The poll, from the Republican-leaning firm Kimball Political Consulting, shows 46 percent of likely voters backing Brown and 45 percent supporting Warren, with 9 percent still undecided. In Kimball’s last poll, conducted August 21, Brown led by 6 points, 49 to 43′.
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Washington Governor ‘ See : ‘Washington Governor – McKenna vs. Inslee’ @ :

Flordia US House – Allen West vs. Patrick Murphy – ‘Clinton’s appearance with Murphy shows just how high-stakes the Murphy-West race is to Democrats. It is one of the most closely watched in the country and is happening in the biggest swing district in Florida. A poll released last month showed Murphy and West in a statistical tie, with Murphy holding a narrow edge’.
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Illinois US House – Walsh vs. Duckworth – ‘The poll of 500 voters in Illinois’ 8th District found that 50 percent favored Duckworth, compared to 41 percent for Walsh. Walsh had a 39 percent favorable rating, up from 28 percent in a Democratic poll conducted in January. Little other polling is available on the race, but the Cook Political Report rates the seat as likely to turn Democratic’.
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Ohio US House – Joe the Plumber vs Marcy Kaptur – ‘I Can See Russia From My Back Yard – Jun 26, 2012 – ‘ Last week I released a video on the 2nd Amendment stating well-documented, historical facts about totalitarian leaders and their implementation of gun control laws prior to exterminating millions of their own citizens in 1911 Turkey and 1939 Nazi Germany. Unsurprisingly, the liberal media wasn’t impressed’.
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Missouri US Senate – ‘A recent PPP poll showed McCaskill maintaining a mere one-point lead over the absent Akin. Perhaps, combined with the adulation of supporters like Mike Huckabee and Newt Gingrich, that news is what gave him the resolve to commit to what by his recent standards amounts to a heavy campaigning schedule for the next two days: a gathering this morning with the Columbia Pachyderm Club, and a rally on Saturday in Camdenton, Missouri, population 3,691’.
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Sunday Picks – Week 2

OK. Pick myself up, dust myself off and give it another go.

Can’t get worse right?


By my defination, Bill Cosby is still and always will be THE standard of comedy!

Week 2
Game of the Week
Chi vs. GB. – Pick – Chicago
I don’t think GB’s defence will stop Chi’s offence. Marshall and Forte could be THE pass/run combo. San Fran stopped GB and Chi will pick over that game film to see exactly how.

Dal vs. Sea. – Pick – Dallas
I was not impressed by Dallas in the preseason. But I was impressed by Seallte in preseason.
Only a fool will not change his mind so…………
Prepare to be impressed by Dallas. Both their offence and defence. Another team with a great run/pass combo.

KC vs. Buf – Pick – KC
Both lost in their openers so I’m going with KC to bounce back first. Or am I going to be doomed like last year and cling to KC?

Bal vs. Phly – Pick – Baltimore
Baltimore’s ‘D’ is going to give Vick a lot of problems. No you don’t understand. I mean a LOT of problems!

Ari vs. NE – Pick – NE
And if you don’t know why I picked NE?

NO vs. Car – Pick – NO.
Don’t see NO losing 2 in a row. Can see Car doing it.

Minn vs. Indy – Pick – Indy
Luck didn’t lose the game and home field goes to Indy for two so so teams.

Ten vs. SD – Pick – SD
Matt should be back to starting QB by next week. If not in Tennessee then in Seattle.

Oak vs. Mia – Pick -Mia
I switched my organial pick. I was going with Oak but going with Mia now. I don’t know why…………………

TB vs. NYG – Pick – NYG
And at home? After a loss? This could get ugly for TB.

Hou vs. Jack – Pick – Houston
I think Houston is only going to have problems with 2-3 teams and Jacksonville isn’t one of them.

Cle vs. Cin. – Pick – Cinci
But really who cares?

Wash vs. StL – Pick – Wash
OK. I’m a RG3 fan.

NYJ vs. Pit – Pick – NYJ
As long as Sanchez knows he’s the leader, he can ramp up the ‘O’.

Det vs. San Fran – Pick – SF
Easy win.

Monday Night Football
Den vs. Atl Pick – Denver
Peyton? New team? Monday Night Football? Come on man!

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