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The public sector job loses are the reason our unemployment is still over 8% yet the Republicans want smaller Government and blame President Obama for that very same smaller Government resulting in high unemployment.

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John Boehner said that the 2012 session of Congress would be devoted to jobs, jobs, jobs. Most people assumed that he was referring to jobs for the jobless. Actually he was referring to keeping his job and those of GOP members of Congress. One year ago this month, President Obama submitted a bill to create 1,000,000 new jobs and it would have been fully funded. Congress, under Boehner’s leadership, refused to enact it into law. If they had, the unemployment rate would now be below 8.0% and the GOP and Mitt Romney would have lost a talking pont against President Obama. One million or more Americans and their dependents continue to suffer the effects of unemployment so that a few Republicans can keep their jobs and fat perks. It is time for a change.

Please see Death and taxes | Uncertainty

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The ‘job creators’ are proving that it is a ‘demand’ economy not ‘supply’.

You wrote : ‘An informed electorate is the backbone of a democracy. So get informed by research and looking for information that is true and not this partisan tripe’.
And THAT is the truth.

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To sell freedom for the masses is the only attempt they have of creating the mirage of America. Politics in the USA has become nothing more than a spin doctored truth that is for sale and leaves all ignorant. We lap up the conventions as if they are saying something new and prove our partisanship by which “news station” we watch. I was thinking on that point this AM while having my morning coffee and I thought, “if we are supposed to be gifted with a free press and that press is supposed to inform us of fact on the ground, then how can we have different facts depending on the station we watch?”

The harsh truth is that the news today is a gambit of unintelligent propaganda meant to indoctrinate and not educate. Truth is seen through the ideas of media moguls who pay the bills and therefore create…

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I would add to keep blogging even in the face of criticism or lack of interest.
Write for yourself.

The Counterfeit Columnist

1. Lifestyle

Q: Why do people smoke?
A: Because cigarettes are like candy: delicious and fun.

2. Economics

Q: Why is that man sleeping on the street?
A: Because he likes sleeping on the street. If he didn’t like it, he would get a job and buy a bed. It’s his choice. Remember that. And don’t let his tears fool you.

3. Empathy

Q: Why does my mommy drink wine so much?
A: Because of you.

4. Tolerance and Acceptance

Q: My friend Timmy’s favourite colour is blue, but I like green. Which colour is best?
A: Your colour is best. In fact, don’t ever mix the colours. Keep the blues with the blues and the greens with the greens. It’s only natural.

5. Morals

Q: Will my doggy go to heaven?
A: No, dogs have puppies out of wedlock and, therefore, burn in hell for eternity along with…

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More then ANYTHING else this bugs the crap out of me. Our ‘free press’ passing on the basic fundamentals of journalistic integrity.
And we wonder why America is on the decline.

Outside of Florida and maybe New Hampshire, most of the so called voter fraud laws are being help back or dumped entirely.
But Florida could be very important.
Can we all remember 2000?


Frederick Douglass and Voter Fraud –

Excellent commentary regarding the fraudulent voting nonsense. It’s good to see courts, in key swing states like Florida and Ohio, recognizing the stench of these bullshit efforts at stealing the election. Whether it be attempts at limiting early voting, or redefining the definition of acceptable identification, the paranoid schizophrenia perpetuated by the influence of the likes of the Koch Brothers, and other lunatics who seek to suppress the vote is unconscionable and UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!!!!!!!! 

Obama-Biden 2012 “THEY’RE REBUILDING THIS”(-Daryl-)






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We ‘hear’ what we want to hear and all too often that is a preconceived notion.
Great post!


I still remember my first real object-lesson in teaching. I had just started as a teaching assistant and they had me working in a class on early American History. The professor spent a good deal of time on the Puritan colonists that semester. By “spent a good deal of time on” I mean he railed on about this particular subject for hours while we slowly fell behind the syllabus, …which was fine with me actually, but quite a few students balked at this approach.

The professor did his best to debunk one common misconception about the Puritans; the notion that they came to America for religious liberty. In his view, it would have been more fair to describe the Puritans as coming to America because their efforts to oppress others had been thwarted in England and Holland. He could go on in great detail about various things they did which…

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Well the Republicans aren’t going to let fact checkers determine their ads either!


So those on the right are passing around this graphic as fact:



Just a few major problems. First- the Koch brothers have only become a major force since the “Citizens United” decision.

Second-and more importantly the chart shows donations by Koch industries- and their employees. NOT the donations of the Koch Brothers themselves.

The Koch Brothers, who have spent more then the $12 million shown in the Scott Walker recall election in Wisconsin alone.

They are currently estimated to be spending over $400 in this election to defeat Obama and place republicans in congress.

Again, we see the right creating their narrative- with lies and “facts” that are anything but. And counting on their followers to be too stupid, or too indifferent to bother checking the actual facts.

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I have gotten to the point when one of my Conservative friends copies the ‘I built it’ mantra, I turn to them and ask ‘Then can I have My taxes back for the roads I helped pay for, the schools I helped pay for, the police and fire departments I helped pay for, the water, sewer and garbage ………..’
Well by then I know I’ll never have to hear ‘I built that’ from that Conservative. (GRINS!)

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