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Blog Running – ‘Painful’ – ‘Cable News Skirts Whether Paul Ryan Lied In His RNC Speech’

Great op-ed from Greg Sargent!

I Love my Country. I Love America. But the ‘perfect storm’ of the failure of our ‘free’ (for profit) press, MASSIVE money in politics for influence peddling and fake ‘voter fraud’ legislation is the final nail in America’s ‘coffin’.

We as a nation could survive one of them………..but not all three and at the same time.

The outcome of this election won’t change any of the above dynamics but if President Obama wins, at least we have a compassionate Liberal in office as our President.

If Mitt Romney wins, you get three guesses (and the first two are wrong) as to who HE will look after.

How the press handles the next 2+ months will to a huge degree determine out future.

Journalistic integrity? Or Sensational profiteering ?


By Greg Sargent

‘Many news outlets have done a good job in debunking the falsehoods and distortions in Paul Ryan’s speech. That said, you should watch this video compilation that TPM has posted, in which news anchors just don’t seem all that bothered by Ryan’s dishonesty, or even try to explain away the importance or significance of it’:

‘This sort of thing, by the way, is exactly what the Romney campaign is banking on: that influential reporters and news outlets will prove unable to keep up with the sheer scope and volume of falsehoods the campaign uncorks daily, or just won’t care enough to reckon with what’s actually going on here’.

‘Again, this is a test’:

‘What should media figures do when one campaign has decided that there is literally no set of boundaries it needs to follow when it comes to the veracity of the assertions that form the foundation of its whole argument’?
From :


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