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The Coming 4 Years for a ‘Conservative’ vision for America – ‘Birther Convention Planned For Arizona’

Come on America!

Elect Republicans so they can ‘take back America’…….for themselves!

‘A convention following the GOP convention is being planned in Phoenix, AZ. The website selling tickets for the event describes it as, “A Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots Event. Sheriff Joe and his call for Congressional investigation of fraudulent documents.”

‘The fraudulent documents in question being, of course, Obama’s birth certificate(s). The event is scheduled for September 22, and will last about two and a half hours’.

‘Multiple speakers are supposed to be there, such as Pat Boone and the infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio’.

‘They will be planning to ask Congress to investigate Obama’s birth certificate, which is allegedly forged’.

‘Boone has also been quoted as saying that Michelle Bachmann would make a good president and that Obama is certainly a Muslim, going as far, in fact, as to say that Obama celebrates Ramadan, but no Christian holidays’.

‘Another speaker at the event is the former Army doctor Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, who was dismissed from the military after refusing to deploy because of his belief that President Obama wasn’t qualified by birth to be President of the United States’.

‘He was also later denied a medical license by the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts because his failure to deploy as ordered could put soldiers’ lives in danger’.

‘The crowning jewel of the birther convention is, however, Sheriff Joe Arpaio’.

‘For months, the sheriff has been promoting the fringe conspiracy theory of birtherism, which claims Barack Obama’s birth certificate is fake and therefore he is ineligible to be president. But Arpaio took it to a grand scale with his latest stunt, promising to reveal “shocking” information about the document’.

‘What he and his “investigator” ultimately presented, however, was something less than shocking. They spun new webs of the conspiracy, alleging secret codes were hidden in the birth certificate and claiming they found an elderly witness who could decipher the cryptography’.
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One thought on “The Coming 4 Years for a ‘Conservative’ vision for America – ‘Birther Convention Planned For Arizona’

  1. Barneysday on said:

    I think the repubs should worry less about the January fiscal cliff, and more about the cliff the party appears intent on jumping off.

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