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Blog Running – ‘Romney/Ryan Medicaid cuts don’t put off pain for seniors’

Every Conservative I know is jumping up and down with joy! Paul Ryan as most say, is a ‘real’ Conservative. And what do they cite the most? The ‘Ryan Budget’.

I understand the allure of a ‘balanced budget’. And in a perfect World, we should have one.

But there are conswquences to our actions. Cutting the budget to balance it will make the budget look good.

But what about the people?

‘Many middle-income Americans who may be unfamiliar with Medicaid end up relying on the program in their old age because they exhaust their assets. Medicare doesn’t cover long-term care so they turn to Medicaid, which does’.

“Most of us could end up in Medicaid whether we imagine ourselves that way or not,” Rother said’.

‘Two-thirds of nursing home patients are covered by Medicaid, some six million Americans. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan both have plans that will slash that coverage. Romney has largely avoided providing specifics for what he’d cut, but his balanced budget proposal, including his tax cuts for the wealthy, would mean that programs like Medicaid would have to be cut drastically: 29 percent in 2016 and 59 percent in 2022. It basically means that Romney’s Medicaid cuts would be deeper than Ryan’s’.

‘Ryan’s plan has been all spelled out: $800 billion in cuts to Medicaid in the next decade. That’s a one-third cut in projected spending. By 2050 it would be cut in half. He’d block grant what was left of the money to the states, forcing them to decide where to put their scarce resources: taking care of poor children or taking care of the sickest elderly. Now we’re talking death panels, created by the GOP’s social Darwinism’.

‘Bottom line, all the but wealthiest seniors will get screwed, sooner rather than later’.

‘They’ll wonder what will happen to them if they need to spend their final years in nursing homes without Medicaid. It’s a very grim prospect under Romney and Ryan’.
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