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‘Mitt Romney’s constitutional amendment would bar Paul Ryan from the presidency’

We already know Mitt won’t be ‘ready’ on day one and now it seems neither will Paul Ryan.

‘Three years ago, Mitt Romney proposed a constitutional amendment that would say “the president has to spend three years working in business before he becomes president of the United States. Then he or she would understand that the policies they are putting into place have to encourage small business to grow.”

‘As Andrew Kaczsynski notes, that provision would disqualify Paul Ryan, who has spent his life working for the government, first as a congressional staffer and then as a congressman’.

‘To be clear about the point here, I think this reflects how dumb Romney’s proposed constitutional amendment is, not Ryan’s fitness for the presidency’.

‘It also reflects Romney’s tendency to take positions strategically without carefully considering their long-term impact. When he made that comment, was it really so difficult for him to imagine naming a vice president without business experience? That would, for instance, disqualify career military men, like Gen. David Petraeus’.

Update: ‘Some have argued that Romney isn’t quite “proposing” this amendment so much as speaking favorably about it as a concept. I think that’s a fair distinction. Either way, the basic point is unchanged’.
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3 thoughts on “‘Mitt Romney’s constitutional amendment would bar Paul Ryan from the presidency’

  1. I am not so sure at this point, but I think I might be more interested if the proposed amendment stipulated that no one can serve as President who has not had some military experience as well. I would like the amendment to make sure that we don’t get any draft dodger types as President sometime in the future.

  2. It’s a bit disturbing to see this President accused of living a double life. If so, we can’t trust him. His dad was a Mulsim. His birth in US is in question. His reasons for staying in a church ran by a man who condemned America….it just doesn’t end with this president. Now we find a big white pizza selling man bear hugging President, as if he’s a celebrity, instead of a President of the most powerful country in the WORLD.

    NOBODY would dare have hugged Bush, Clinton or anyone else like this. Obama is not presidential material. If he was nobody would disrespect him so much as to bear hug him as if he were a celebrity, instead of a man in charge of US military and other powerful agencies. Just disgraceful. There is a chronic, pervasive disrespect for this President, though the media continues to promote him as if he were something we should hang onto. He’s not a President who seems in command, but rather a man who got into a position of power through Oprah, and other celebs. He is more concerned about going on trips with his family than taking care of people in USA.

    • I was just going to trash your comment because it’s just so stupid and on so many levels……………..

      But everyone needs to see just how crazy birthers really are and how you hate a man so much without mentioning his policies.

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