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What is Mitt Romney Hiding? – ‘Romney Campaign Requested ‘Several’ Years of Tax Returns of VP Contenders’

The problem being that Mitt Romney HASN’T released his FULL return for 2010.
See : ‘Mitt Romney Taxes For 2010 Not Fully Disclosed’
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Mitt Romney showed Senator John McCain TWENTRY THREE YEARS of tax returns and won’t even show Americans 1 full year.
See : ‘Real issue with Romney’s tax returns: his attitude toward us’
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CHARLOTTE – ‘Mitt Romney requested “several” years of tax returns from his potential running mates, a senior adviser to the candidate said Saturday, suggesting that those considered for the ticket may have been required to reveal more financial documents that the candidate himself’.

‘In a briefing with reporters in Virginia Saturday, senior adviser Beth Myers, who was charged with headed the vice president selection process, declined to specify exactly how many years of tax returns were required, saying only that “several” were requested’.

‘Several, by definition, implies more than two years’.

‘And while Romney’s own father, George Romney, released 12 years of tax returns during his bid for the presidency, the candidate today cites Sen. John McCain as the one who set the precedent to release just two years’.
From :–abc-news-politics.html

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